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Re: theos-talk Introduction

Jun 15, 2011 11:41 AM
by Augoeides-222

Welcome, make yourself at home by the fireplace. 

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Subject: theos-talk Introduction 

Hello everyone! I am a non-affiliated student of theosophy from Portugal, and I joined this group because at the moment it seems to me one of the few forums that accepts an open debate of ideas on issues related to theosophy. Initially I thought that the Theosophical Network would be that place, but after what happened recently (and that has already been reported here), I realized that the Theosophical Network is not that place. Now it appears that they removed some "first page" references on HPB, so I donÂt quite understand in what direction they are heading. On one side, plain references to HPB are considered hagiographic, on the other side posts entitled "Beings of the testicle" and "Melchizedek Attunement" are accepted without challenge. 
I wanted to express my solidarity with Joaquim Soares (not yet realized if he was banned or not), but also I want to point out that the lack of tolerance is not exclusive of the Theosophical Network. The author of the text that generated all that controversy did the same to me a year and a half ago, for disagreeing with the questions I posed in an Theosophical study e-group. This does not prevent me from appreciating his work in the theosophical field, though I sometimes disagree with his ideas and attitudes. 

Finally, I would like to say that I spend more time reading than discussing in internet forums. When I feel that I can give any valid contribution then I will write, otherwise I'll remain as a reader, learning from those who surely know more than me (by the way, as a student of astrology I much appreciated the very interesting discussion about the beggining of the Age of Aquarius). 
A final remark to apologize for the imperfect English. It is not my first language, as you easily understand. 

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