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Re: theos-talk What Universal Brotherhood means - Comment by Radha Burnier

Jun 15, 2011 06:17 AM
by MKR

The issue of trusteeship makes me recall a statement my friend told me. He
is a college professor and in his growing years he was living on a large
farm. His dad frequently reminded him and his siblings that they should not
think that they own the land - of course inheriting it later - but they are
trustees to farm it and they are responsible to take care of the farm. I
think correct view of reality is very helpful to all of us.


On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 1:06 AM, Jayananda Hiranandani <> wrote:

> Dear MKR:
> Many thanks for this message.
> Universal Brotherhood of Humanity is a particular case of the Unity of all
> Life. By a particular case is meant that just as in mathematics, a square is
> a particular case of a rectangle.
> The problems of environment, extinction of species are challenges that
> arise from the failure to perceive Unity of all Life.
> Aldous Huxley in his book, "Perennial Philosophy", has made  observations
> on this point. I do not have the book at hand. Therefore, what I am stating
> below is based on my memory that dates back to more than 30 years.
> Very briefly, the Western philosophies,  dealing with economics, whether
> capitalistic or socialistic, are based on time and have lead to detrimental
> exploitation of mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms - not to say anything
> about exploitation of humans by humans.They fulfill human demands by
> expanding consumption, which is often based on greed
> By contrast, Eastern philosophies, including those dealing with economics,
> have developed the concept of trusteeship ,at least in theory, and are based
> on the timeless. They seem to have a better sense of the Unity of
> all Life. They emphasize meeting of human needs, as distinct from greed. It
> is here where theosophy stands out.
> Yours cordially,
> Jayananda H. Hiranandani
> --- On Tue, 6/14/11, MKR <> wrote:
> From: MKR <>
> Subject: theos-talk What Universal Brotherhood means - Comment by Radha
> Burnier
> To: "theos-talk" <>
> Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2011, 10:36 PM
> The first Object of TS is Universal Brotherhood. In reality, the foundation
> of Theosophy lies in Universal Brotherhood.
> Early theosophical leaders have written a lot about the constitution and
> functioning of man and Universe. However fascinating these are, one has to
> go to the early days and the key documents is the famous account of the
> conversation that Mahatma KH had with Mahachohan about theosophy and the
> mission of Theosophy. This is considered by many as the charter of the TS
> and theosophy.
> In that letter, you will notice the singular emphasis of Universal
> Brotherhood and no talk about occultism, discipleship, man and his bodies
> and anything about the unseen world and its functioning.
> For any student of theosophy, this Keynote should be obvious and the help
> each one of us can give for the realization of Brotherhood is the real
> application of theosophy in our daily lives.
> In the June 2011 issue of The Theosophist, Radha Burnier touches on this
> topic. One should be reminded of the fact she was born in the Adyar TS
> Estate and lived all her life there and had the good fortune to be around
> with all the past leaders of TS. Also she was closely associated with
> Krishnamurti, who theosophists at least in India consider the greatest
> exponent of theosophical message to the world. So her understanding of what
> Universal Brotherhood really implies is very helpful to theosophical
> students. She says:
> âThe brotherhood we talk about, and
> what most of us practise, is only nominal,
> not deep. It does not overcome obstacles
> and is not better than brotherhood spoken
> about, but not really put into effect. As
> HPB says, it has a mission, a work, to do,
> which is most holy and important. It must
> unite all people who are touched by high
> ideals into a brotherhood of all men and
> all nations, so that the world really becomes
> one at heart.
> It is important that brotherhood does
> not remain a word which conveys only
> what is superficial. It must be deeply felt
> and practised, touching all people and all
> creatures. It should not eliminate the poor
> and the dirty, and those who err in various
> ways. To regard all as brothers is a holy,
> a most holy and important mission. The
> purpose for which we are working is not
> merely to create a little friendship between
> the many people of the earth, but a real
> bond which is altruistic. Till that day,
> Theosophy is only nominal but when the
> brotherhood is real, it will unite not only
> all human beings but all nations. Nations
> will have their particular characteristics,
> but will be united by a common basis of
> altruistic work and absence of selfish motivation.
> If we see this at all, we see how
> far away we are from real brotherhood.â
> A true theosophist at heart will be able to understand the need for all of
> us to delve into the deep ramifications of what Universal Brotherhood
> really
> means.
> There is no religion higher than Truth
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