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What Universal Brotherhood means - Comment by Radha Burnier

Jun 14, 2011 10:36 PM
by MKR

The first Object of TS is Universal Brotherhood. In reality, the foundation
of Theosophy lies in Universal Brotherhood.

Early theosophical leaders have written a lot about the constitution and
functioning of man and Universe. However fascinating these are, one has to
go to the early days and the key documents is the famous account of the
conversation that Mahatma KH had with Mahachohan about theosophy and the
mission of Theosophy. This is considered by many as the charter of the TS
and theosophy.

In that letter, you will notice the singular emphasis of Universal
Brotherhood and no talk about occultism, discipleship, man and his bodies
and anything about the unseen world and its functioning.

For any student of theosophy, this Keynote should be obvious and the help
each one of us can give for the realization of Brotherhood is the real
application of theosophy in our daily lives.

In the June 2011 issue of The Theosophist, Radha Burnier touches on this
topic. One should be reminded of the fact she was born in the Adyar TS
Estate and lived all her life there and had the good fortune to be around
with all the past leaders of TS. Also she was closely associated with
Krishnamurti, who theosophists at least in India consider the greatest
exponent of theosophical message to the world. So her understanding of what
Universal Brotherhood really implies is very helpful to theosophical
students. She says:

âThe brotherhood we talk about, and
what most of us practise, is only nominal,
not deep. It does not overcome obstacles
and is not better than brotherhood spoken
about, but not really put into effect. As
HPB says, it has a mission, a work, to do,
which is most holy and important. It must
unite all people who are touched by high
ideals into a brotherhood of all men and
all nations, so that the world really becomes
one at heart.

It is important that brotherhood does
not remain a word which conveys only
what is superficial. It must be deeply felt
and practised, touching all people and all
creatures. It should not eliminate the poor
and the dirty, and those who err in various
ways. To regard all as brothers is a holy,
a most holy and important mission. The
purpose for which we are working is not
merely to create a little friendship between
the many people of the earth, but a real
bond which is altruistic. Till that day,
Theosophy is only nominal but when the
brotherhood is real, it will unite not only
all human beings but all nations. Nations
will have their particular characteristics,
but will be united by a common basis of
altruistic work and absence of selfish motivation.
If we see this at all, we see how
far away we are from real brotherhood.â

A true theosophist at heart will be able to understand the need for all of
us to delve into the deep ramifications of what Universal Brotherhood really


There is no religion higher than Truth

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