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Give the devil its due

Jun 12, 2011 09:40 AM
by MKR

Give the devil its due

In todayâs theosophical world, due to the efforts of many individual
theosophists (not organizations with lots of money in the bank), a lot of
material is available for free on Internet for download. The amount of
material one can access for free is unheard of and is growing every day.

Due to search engines, one frequently lands in a website and from that site
one locates other sites where very valuable free theosophical information is
available. It is not uncommon to see links provided so that with a click one
goes to the location where the material is to be found.

Many websites do have subtle marketing going on. Visitors who are led to
commercial sites which sell books and other material and thus generate
sales, may be compensating the sites which provide the leads. Visitor may be
introduced to a site because of availability of rare materials or leads to
rare materials which in turn gets referred to a commercial site.

When one is led to a site with free material, one of the problems we see is
that not sufficient  publicity is given to inform the visitor who did the
real work. This is very important because we all need to give credit where
it is due. Let us show our gratitude for the sacrifices.


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