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Re: theos-talk - Update on Volume V by Joseph Ross

Jun 11, 2011 01:27 PM
by MKR

The first chapter of the book can be found at Here is the



On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 12:08 AM, MKR <> wrote:

> John Ross, who has written several books on the history of Krotona has a
> website at <>.
> He has also released Vol V in the Krotona Series titled - Krotona,
> Theosophy
> and Krishnamurti and is listed for $30.00. The site says the following
> about
> the book:
> The period of 1927-1931 was a significant time for Theosophy; through the
> lens of rare source material, author Joseph Ross takes us back to Krotona
> in
> Ojai, a Theosophical center during a time of change and disruption as the
> figure, J. Krishnamurti, heralded as the World-Teacher by theosophists
> breaks away from the organization. We see theosophical thinkers working to
> reconcile (or not) this change, while we also read about the daily life,
> efforts, building and conflicts around a counter-cultural spiritual
> movement
> that found a home in California.
> The site also has the following interesting observation:
> "The Ross Collection spans decades of letters and images and other archival
> source materials related to the interesting history of the Theosophical
> Society. Because some of this material has been treated as secret by the
> Theosophical Society itself, the author's works are not provided by
> official
> outlets. Thus the need for and for the publishing of
> the
> works by Joseph Ross.
> Selected documents from the Ross Collection will be available for purchase
> by collectors and other Theosophy scholars."
> It would be interesting to see a list of documents and other items of
> historical value which can be purchased by collectors.
> There have been talk that sometimes important historical material when it
> gets into the hands of some leaders, they tend to become treated as secret
> and disappears & thus no one will have access to them in the future.
> Years ago, there was a msg in one of the theosophical discussion lists an
> episode of how someone ran into a document relating to some rite and when
> the document was mentioned to the visiting speaker who happened to be a
> well
> known lecturer, this lecturer showed immense interest on it and took it
> over
> from the hands of the person who had it and no one has seen it since.
> Ross, in launching the archives site is doing a valuable service to
> theosophists and those interested in Krishnamurti, in preserving the access
> to the priceless historical documents and other materials.
> As for the book, I would like to see a pdf file available and could be
> bundled with the print copy as some publishers are doing now. A pdf file is
> independent of the reading devices - computer, notebook, netbook, high end
> phone, iPad, etc etc and not tied to proprietary ebook device. When any
> publication is tied to a proprietary device, the price to consumer goes up
> and most potential readers of the theosophical material especially outside
> the West tend to be no affluent enough to buy them.
> Keep tuned in for further info.
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