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Foundation for Theosophical Studies - England

Jun 10, 2011 12:35 PM
by MKR

Foundation for Theosophical Studies - England

I recently ran into the Foundation for Theosophical Studies which has a
website at

The website states:

The Foundation is an educational charity founded by the Theosophical Society
in England.  The Foundation is committed to an open-minded advancement of
human knowledge, to which purpose we hold lectures, seminars, workshops and
conferences in central London and around the country, with some residential
weekends and an Annual Summer School.

MKR Comments:

Usually most Sections of Theosophical Society are organized as tax exempt
entities and as such are free to operate any educational and charitable
activities including publishing, educational seminars etc. There are some
discussions about the activities of the leader of the TS in England and in
the light of this, it would be interesting to watch the Foundation (we do
not know the linkage between it and TS in England.). All one needs to do is
to follow the money. That would reveal a lot.


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