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theos-talk Re: The Mahatmas on "a calm, even contemplative state of mind"

Jun 03, 2011 11:00 PM
by DiwataD

Hmm. I also thought about this many times, when I was just starting to Meditate. This is what I've found. The mind forms habits around pleasurable activities. For example, when I like a particular music, the mind would play it for hours **on its own**. I think, from experience, that the same thing happens when it discovers a state free from worries, problems, defects, etc. through Meditation -- the Inner Silence state -- the mind would "go" there **on its own**. The next thing you know is that you are just doing almost exactly what you're supposed to do. 

Although, I don't know if this is the right thing to happen. I do feel that some of my actions are motivated by the lower forces in my Soul rebelling against my Meditative practice. I dont yet have an idea how to put each of them in order. Right now, I just tell them, "Join me or we shall all perish!" I just said this because I'm reminded now how I once thought this Path as smooth-sailing, but nothing in life is (at least in my case).

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