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Re: theos-talk Anyone here studying the work of Vitvan?

May 26, 2011 03:22 PM
by DiwataD

> One of the hallmarks of theosophy is to make 
> information available for free so that the 
> recipient is helped. That is why it is still 
> functioning around the world and many are 
> committed. 

This is true. One day in the future, these information will be absolutely free of fees. But today, many working groups, not excepting those in the 'metaphysical' area, need financial sustenance -- although the serious ones, while making their resources available with fees, do so at reasonable rates. They need physical resources to sustain their work. Reading from the sign of the times, one can see that the present time is not yet ready for 'free' distribution of these materials. We cannot force it to happen right away.

I think our task today is to get these important information at all cost for preservation. And, speaking of Theosophy, I'm also of the opinion that its presentation is outdated, if we want it to reach wider audience. This is what Vitvan did in the 1940s, with the use of General Semantics of Alfred Korzybski. 

I never loved Theosophy like I do now. My understanding of it is cultivated by Vitvan and Rudolf Steiner (particularly Vitvan, because his teachings corroborated most of my personal gnoses.) I have some background in occultism, and I can say that Theosophy is a practicable way of life that everyone must eventually possess.

> This is also the reason why I personally strongly 
> react when anyone tries to 'sell' spiritual info.

Some of these groups do not 'sell spiritual info.' If the items are not unreasonably priced, then you can think that they are just selling a bound collation of paper with text plus a little something for their effort.

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