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Let us pat our backs

May 25, 2011 10:36 PM
by MKR

>From time to time, one sees many Internet theosophical forums beating their
own drums and the talking about the great work that is being done by them.
While this may be true - as they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
what is generally missing in most of them is dissemination of  uptodate
information and news, whether they reflect favorably or not on the TS or its
leaders, present and past.

This is what one would expect, because if you do not want to be marginalised
by those in power which may result in not being able to use the platform of
the organization and also prevented from moving up the organizational ladder
either in TS or in other officially unconnected organizations.

It is time to beat our own drums. One of the key aspects of Internet forums
is the velocity with which information can be exchanged and circulated. We
all know that theos-talk does not sleep - it works 24/7.

We also all saw the role theos-talk played during the last International
Election when a world-wide well orchestrated attempt was made to defeat the
sitting President by a chorus of unsubstantiated allegation that she is sick
both physically and mentally, even in the face of three physicians from two
continents declaring her fit, both physically and mentally.

Also, it was theos-talk that was instrumental in alerting members world-wide
when the ultra secret attempt was made to disenfranchise all members and the
GC members seize control of the President and thus make the President a
puppet. You can use your own imagination to visualize where TS would be
today if this ultra secret attempt had succeeded.

Also one cannot but be amused at the attempt of organizational websites and
some Internet forums (which are suspected of having some well known
theosophists pulling the strings from the background but dare not stand up
at the front,) avoid mentioning theos-talk as a source of uptodate
information a theosophist can go to and find information one will find no
where else.

Let us all keep theos-talk active and I am sure it has a great part to play
in the future of Theosophical movement.


There is no Religion Higher than Truth

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