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Recent events and Hipocrisy ???

May 10, 2011 10:34 PM
by MKR

In the recent issue of the Krotonian, a periodical publications issued by
the Krotona Institute of Theosophy, the editors have chosen to republish an
article by the former National President of TS in America and  published in
June 1988 issue of Quest magazine. The article was supposed to explain what
ES is and its Purpose and Function.

Let us look at the current landscape of the theosophical movement. The
membership of is in a state of slippery slope with no end of recovery in
sight. In the USA, compared to 8,000 members in 1920s, today it is about

Membership in the TS is a pre-requisite to join the ES.  The percentage of
members who are in the ES is very small.

However, invariably, the National Leaders and International Leaders are
members of the ES. So the members in the ES are seen by long-time TS members
as the cream of committed TS members. And this general high and good
reputation is one of the reasons some members are motivated to join the ES.
Let us look at the landscape of TS over the past couple of years.

In the opinion of many members, TS faced its most serious crisis in 2008
during the re-election of the International President. A very well organized
and orchestrated serious attempt was made to defeat the sitting President by
alleging that she is sick mentally and physically. The allegation was lay
mensâ and womensâ opinion.

Even after, three independent well reputed physicians from two continents
opined that she is fit, both mentally and physically, the attempt to defeat
her continued ignoring this convincing evidence. The medical certificates
were available on Internet for members to see.

Independent Internet maillist theos-talk was the only communication channel
outside the control of the organizational leaders which helped to keep
membership world-wide timely informed of the facts in the face of intense
electioneering by many leaders of Sections. Members need to have access to
full facts so that they can make an intelligent decision in casting their
votes. In the end, members became aware of the facts and re-elected the
sitting President.

Following the failed attempt to defeat the sitting President by allegations
of poor health, some of those who were major players in the attempt to
defeat the sitting President, launched an ill fated ultra secret attempt to
seize the office of the President by disenfranchising all members in the
election and make the General Council members select the President, thus
making the President a puppet.

Due to the good fortune of theosophy and its future, the ultra secret plan
was discovered in time and shocked members around the world learnt about it
from theos-talk maillist, Again, the independent Internet maillist prevented
a very possible fatal setback to TS.

Typically, most National and International leaders of TS are members of the
ES. Every Section has seen most of its dedicated and committed members are
members of ES. In many lodges, their life blood are members of ES. Those who
have been around for several decades can personally attest this. So the
contribution of ES members to the activity and growth of TS is very obvious.

But the events surrounding the 2008 election and subsequent attempt to seize
the Presidency is a different story.

Almost all the players involved in the attempt to defeat the sitting
President and subsequent attempt to seize the Presidency are likely to be
members of ES. Secondly, most of the long-time, well known theosophists and
leaders, are ES members. They were witnessing the above events, and none
come out and called a spade a spade. Many ordinary members expected them to
come out in the open and stand for truth, what ever may be the consequences.
None did. Many members are intrigued by this inaction.

Todayâs Internet environment has brought information transparency. All the
matters cited above were discussed on Internet and are archived for everyone
to search and access. The PR damage to TS and ES done by the events cited
above is far reaching. A new or prospective member will be in a state of
confusion. For an organization whose motto is - There is no religion higher
the Truth, the recent past events raise the question if there is a large
scale hypocrisy in it at its highest levels. Actions and facts speak loudly
for themselves.

To repair the reputation, there is a long heavy lifting ahead for long time
members, leaders and ES members. By just keeping silent, this work is not
going to get done. Nor boycotting independent Internet maillists, as we have
seen for over a decade by many of the leaders and well known members, most
of whom are most likely to be ES members, is not going to help. It is hoped
that they recognize fixing the key issue of credibility is most urgent in
spreading theosophy in the world in the days to come.


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