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Theosophical Society in England keeps quiet about Tekels Park Animal Nightmare

May 08, 2011 04:35 PM
by MKR

Theosophical Society in England keeps quiet about Tekels Park Animal

Here is a blog on the topic which may interest some of the theosophists. The
link is at:


In another message I posted couple of hours ago, I discussed the downward
trend in membership in most Sections. Each Section is fully autonomous and
only when the rules of the TS are violated, the International President has
very limited say amounting to withdrawal of the charter.

Adding to the debacle in the United States, now the Tekels Park sale in
England is one more shooting in the foot kind of action, which it looks like
going to do a lot of damage to TS and consequently for the future of
theosophy. Nothing is wrong with theosophy. It is the leaders, given the
full autonomy making decisions hurting theosophy and TS.

Several months ago, there was the news of the TOS in Paris asked at short
notice to vacate their offices in the building owned by TS in France, which
many ascribe to the politics surrounding the International President

It is a pity that the decisions of Section leaders are slowly seem to
dismantle the TS which was built by the sacrifices of many committed
volunteer members.

As I previously mentioned, HPB will be turning in her grave seeing what all
these Section leaders are doing to the TS which was built by her sweat and


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