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May 05, 2011 01:36 PM
by t_s_theosophist


Katinnka has every right to express her opinions. However she has no right to continue to spread mis-information and make unfounded allegations and give the airs that she is privy to "secret information" about issues concerning Orlando Lodge. She has NO information, only her assumptions and opinion. 

She has also laced her comments with outright LIES. She has never had any contacts with members at Orlando Lodge. And the responses from Orlando Lodge have never been anonymous. I always back up my 
responses and posts with my name.
I have nothing to hide.

Katinka is very good at gossip mongering and meddeling in things 
which she has no direct information about. She admits that she has no 
documentation, which right there blows a huge hole in her credibility.      

Lets stick to FACTS, Documented
Facts, and stop the innuendo and libelous gossip. 

A challenge to Katinka, are you up to Playing Fair, and Above board,
and stopping the rumor mongering?

William Delahunt


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