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An observation on the election of International President of TS

Mar 23, 2011 06:52 AM
by MKR

An observation on the election of International President of TS

In the recent issue of Quest Magazine, the President of American Section

âThroughout the time that I was there at Adyar,
president Radha Burnier exhibited remarkable endurance
and focus. She managed well the unusually long
General Council meeting, which lasted until 5:00 p.m.
Attendees felt that it was one of the best General Council
meetings they had attended because of the lengthy
discussions in which everyone had a voice. In fact the
meeting ended with more of a sense of camaraderie
among the council members than I have seen in recent

I was pleased to read about the first hand observation quoted above.

Readers would recall how in 2008 many GC members outside India (including of
course USA) were alleging that Radha Burnier is sick both physically and
mentally, in spite of her being certified as fit by independent opinions of
three well-known physicians from two continents, and hence should not be

But she was re-elected with a large majority of popular votes. Readers would
also recall how arguments were made that GC members were more knowledgeable
(and perhaps wiser) about the fitness of candidates and hence should
elect/select the International President, disenfranchising all members
world-wide and the disenfranchsing plan was super secret and due to the good
luck of TS and its members it was discovered and thus ended.

Since her reelection, Radha Burnier has been very fit for her age, and is
traveling and participating in functions in India and she was in Europe for
the World Congress and visited Krotona from there. We have not seen the
defeated candidate for a long time in the theosophical scene in the USA and
one wonders what is going on.

Reelection of Radha Burnier has now proven to be in the best interests of TS
confirming both the wisdom of popular voting and judgement of experienced GC
members could be very faulty and wrong and unwise.


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