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Re: theos-talk Charity among the theosophists

Mar 15, 2011 08:37 PM
by Cass Silva

I must be psychic, I was wondering where you had got to, as I am about to do the 'told ya so' dance.

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I think we are witnessing what happens when Eris, Poseidon and Vulcan get 
really bored.

Chuck the Heretic 

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What we are witnessing at the moment is collective and national karma. I 
have not read one word of compassion from theos talk who have not been 
effected by recent events in the world, who are more concerned with concepts 
rather than reality. 

We are witnessing Noahic floods and devastation and all one can discuss is 
theosophical literature and conceptual ideas on what it means to be 
altruistic. The irony is that if the destruction continues, and I believe it 
will, accessing E-books will be the last thing on peoples minds.


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Dear Cass and friends

My views are:

I will say, that those who are concerned about the Law of Karma and 
Reincarnation - are concerned with the karmic need of the individual and humanity 
as a whole, and its various groups.

I would rather say that people need help for their psychological 
Theosophy is as we know the exact science on psychology. Altruism is the 
core, which I am concerned with as a theosophical Seeker, and not primarily 
physical events.

And no, the soul will not just like that take care of it self. Sorry, but 
I disagree.
The soul understood as Kama-Manas will not for obvious reasons take care 
of it self. The soul understood as Atma-Buddhi-Manas will neither. Teaching 
and compassion are even important here according to my knowledge. But, 
these are just my views.

I say: 
First the promotion of altruism - and reform in human nature.
After that materialism will become less imoprtant.
Without reform in human nature - I fin_d business-related charity and the 
wellmeaning rebuilding of a materialistic society is a less promising 
agenda. - Yet, of course one aught to help those who are in need. That implies 
not necessarily that one help them with what they think they need, but what 
they are in spiritual need of, so a reform in human nature might take place.

But, these are just my views.

M. Sufilight

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We are in a different world to that which Blavatsky spoke of. People who 
have experienced catastrophes and lived through them need help for their 
physical requirements - the soul will take care of itself. 

Why is that the Roman church keeps silent during these times. Because they 
couldn't give a rats arse about the victims. ;let alone putting financial 
support behind them.


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Dear friends

My views are:

Now most of us have just seen the problems in Japan - which are given huge 
media coverage.
People because of that, seem to forget the sufferings in other regions on 
the globe, and especially the poor in Africa.

H. P. Blavatsky something quite special about Charity:
"ENQUIRER. But surely every one knows that millions and millions are spent 
annually on private and public charities?

THEOSOPHIST. Oh, yes; half of which sticks to the hands it passes through 
before getting to the needy; while a good portion or remainder gets into 
the hands of professional beggars, those who are too lazy to work, thus doing 
no good whatever to those who are really in misery and suffering. Haven't 
you heard that the first result of the great outflow of charity towards the 
East-end of London was to raise the rents in Whitechapel by some 20 per 

ENQUIRER. What would you do, then?

THEOSOPHIST. Act individually and not collectively; follow the Northern 
Buddhist precepts: "Never put food into the mouth of the hungry by the hand 
of another"; "Never let the shadow of thy neighbour (a third person) come 
between thyself and the object of thy bounty"; "Never give to the Sun time to 
dry a tear before thou hast wiped it." Again "Never give money to the 
needy, or food to the priest, who begs at thy door, through thy servants, lest 
thy money should diminish gratitude, and thy food turn to gall."

ENQUIRER. But how can this be applied practically?

THEOSOPHIST. The Theosophical ideas of charity mean personal exertion for 
others; personal mercy and kindness; personal interest in the welfare of 
those who suffer; personal sympathy, forethought and assistance in their 
troubles or needs. We Theosophists do not believe in giving money (N. B., if we 
had it) through other people's hands or organizations. We believe in 
giving to the money a thousandfold greater power and effectiveness by our 
personal contact and sympathy with those who need it. We believe in relieving the 
starvation of the soul, as much if not more than the emptiness of the 
stomach; for gratitude does more good to the man who feels it, than to him for 
whom it is felt. Where's the gratitude which your "millions of pounds" 
should have called forth, or the good feelings provoked by them? Is it shown in 
the hatred of the East-End poor for the rich? in the growth of the party 
of anarchy and disorder? or by those thousands of unfortunate working
girls, victims to the "sweating" system, driven daily to eke out a living 
by going on the streets? Do your helpless old men and women thank you for 
the workhouses; or your poor for the poisonously unhealthy dwellings in 
which they are allowed to breed new generations of diseased, scrofulous and 
rickety children, only to put money into the pockets of the insatiable 
Shylocks who own houses? Therefore it is that every sovereign of all those 
"millions," contributed by good and would-be charitable people, falls like a 
burning curse instead of_ a blessing on the poor whom it should relieve. We call 
this generating national Karma, and terrible will be its results on the 
day of reckoning. "
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And I agree with Blavatsky very much even today.
Despite this, we witness many a so-called theosophist even among leaders 
of various groups - promote - another view. Namely that Charity is something 
good - and - saying that one just have to find the "right" organisation to 
support. We see such views expressed among people on various theospohical 
forums these days.

But these are of course my views on Charity - and - how to tackle altruism.

M. Sufilight

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