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The Moderator to the members of the forum

Mar 12, 2011 01:33 PM
by M. Sufilight

Dear members

My views are:

As a founding member of this forum I find the latest emails with political content to be against the aim of this forum. The aim of this forum is to promote altruism etc. as it is written on the forums front page and in the welcome message on this forum.


If some of the members on this forum are unwilling to follow the aims of this forum and especially the aim of altruism, and are unwilling to avoid political exchanges as seen in some of the latest posts to the forum - I would really like to know why? - What is then the point by being on a forum like this when you do so, - but to squash any attempt on making what is good an decent flourish and in stead go and do like to the worm that fattens on the blossom's heart? Please?

>>>And I am especially referring to Martin and Terrie and their latest posts.<<<

If you would care to explain your views I will appreciate it.
Will you do that?

Why on earth do you consider politics to be a promotion of altruism?

I write the above so to promote altruism.

M. Sufilight

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