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Re: theos-talk Off Topic Adyar Journal

Nov 24, 2010 05:33 PM
by Augoeides-222

And others, 
I was doing searches for Jaideva Singh books and in the process I ran into a listing of the "Adyar Journal" that publishes all the documents held at Adyar Library. I thought this interesting and may be a way to find out where some of the documants of historical note may be traced using the Journal "Adyar Library Bulletin". I have never heard it mentioned on this forum by anyone. Here is the Google Search URL for it: 


I think some one can subscribe and devote time to scanning it's holding for Einstein's SD Copy, Dzyan documents and others perplexing lost things. 


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Subject: theos-talk TS Adyar to open vocational education for underprevileged 

Here is an important announcement about K School moving out of the present 
location in Adyar estate of TS. 

We need to laud the decision as it would help a lot of under privileged 
students by getting vocational education. It is to be noted that education 
at K school, while excellent, is very expensive and even most of us here 
could not afford. So there should be joy in the decision and no tears need 
to be shed. 

Olcott school children will be beneficiaries. They are poor students from 
the neighborhood. 

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