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Sri Lankaâs global role in spreading Buddhism

Nov 22, 2010 11:43 AM
by MKR

Sri Lankaâs global role in spreading Buddhism

A fascinating account of the role that Sri Lanka (Ceylon) played in the
spread of Buddhism around the world is in an article by Dr Guruge. The keen
interest that Olcott took looks to be part of a broader plan by the Powers
be and I am sure Olcott and HPB were privy to some directions from their
Teachers that may not have been disclosed to the public. Access to
historical material in the Adyar Archives may throw some new light on it.
Here is the link to the article:


Dr. Guruge says:: âNepal is the birth place of the Buddha, India is the
birth place of Buddhism and Sri Lanka is the home of Buddhismâ


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