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Blavatsky Letters

Nov 17, 2010 05:44 AM
by MKR

I ran into a document about Dr. Cooper's theosophy collection which is in
the Australian National Library. In it is his complete collection of copies
of all Blavatsky's letters. I am sure they are the same as the ones from
which a book was published by Wheaton subsequently.

Would it not be nice if these originals are scanned and made available on
Internet as-is accessible to anyone interested (for free, of course), which
would mostly be theosophists.

Any ideas from any of the members here???

Here is the link to Cooper's Collection:

Dr. John Cooper's Theosophy Collection


"During his research he built up an extensive collection of copies of all of
Blavatskyâs letters, and complete sets of many Theosophical publications
(including The Theosophist from its first issue in 1879)."


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