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Re: theos-talk NZ Ning Site

Nov 15, 2010 03:43 PM
by Geoff Warren

Thanks for that info. As a newcomer I am interested in all sites theosophistically inclined. So any other interesting sites you wish to share I would appreciate very much. I am signing up to the above mentioned email list as we speak. I look forward to your posts.
With Metta

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Subject: theos-talk NZ Ning Site
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      I just learnt that the NZ Ning site is going off-line (shut down) in the

next few days. While some may feel it is a loss, it is really not so.

Due to the international character of Internet based forums, any theosophist

can interact with others around the world in such open independent forums

such as theos-talk and theosnet ning site. Also these forums are daily

attractive users from around the world as they are (1) open and not closed

and (2) not controlled by any organization.

All NZ ning members are invited to join theos-talk as well as theosnet ning



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