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Memories of Col Olcott - Marie Hotchner

Nov 14, 2010 06:42 PM
by MKR

Memories of Col Olcott - Marie Hotchner

In the 1932 August, September and October issues of the magazine - World
Theosophy - published by Marie Hotchener, there are some very interesting
account of Marieâs first meeting with Olcott, some events in England and
America, and subsequent travel to Italy and onward to India via Colombo.

Marie, who Olcott used to call âlittle motherâ was with him till his last

If anyone has access to the above issues and can scan/ocr and post them
here, it would be of much interest to all theosophists.

In her account of the landing in Colombo, Marie writes:

As our ship approached the landing, it was an indescribably picturesque and
thrilling sight to see a very large throng of grateful Singhalese awaiting
his arrival on shore. They were waving scarfs, colored caps, and Buddhist
flags. The original of the last, he had long ago designed for them, as
representing the colors of the aura of Lord Buddha. The Colonelâs delight at
the sight was a pleasure to see, and he told us of his love for the people,
and how he had labored to revive Buddhism and education among them. âI did
the same thing for them in the long, long ago when I was King Asoka,â he

MKR Comments:

We have read about Olcott in one of past lives was King Asoka. This is the
first time I have seen mentioned as a direct quote from him by a trustworthy

King Asoka ruled whole of India, which comprised of the present India,
Pakistan and Bangla Desh and no wonder as the Founder President of TS, he
showed remarkable organizational skill that served TS well. Is it any wonder
that he was chosen as one of the founders of TS?

Anyone who dreams of stepping into his shoes as a President in the future,
should read the history of the early days of TS, because one would surely be
humbled by what he achieved single handedly. He also along with HPB and
Judge gave prime of his life for the cause of theosophy and TS.


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