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Re: introduction

Nov 14, 2010 03:16 PM
by hari9896

--- In, "Amela" <amela@...> wrote:
> Hello
> Well as my first email is my introduction I shall begin.  My name is Amela.  I am a highschool science teacher in Australia.  I'm not sure how much detail is needed but If more information is requested I am happy to supply it.  There are two reasons why I have joined the list.  The first reason is that I am seeking spiritual/intellectual growth.  The second reason is that I am delving into opening up a highschool based on an educational philosophy from an alternative school I used to teach at which closed (long story).  But I also want to add a spiritual philosophy to this future school.  Since the school closed I haven't been very happy teaching whithin dogmatic private schools or public schools which lack a holistic appraoch to teaching.  Some claim they do but I still think more can be achieved.  I've looked into teaching at a steiner school but it doesn't include all of my visions and is still someone too structured. If anyone is curious about the philosophy of this school I am happy to share. At this point it is just a wonderful idea.  not sure where to go from here.
> warm regards
> Amela
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Although your post was written over 4 years ago it would still be very relevant in modern education because the ideals you mention - a spiritual philosophy, a holistic approach to education, practical methods for spiritual/intellectual growth, related to but not limited to the spiritual teachings of Rudolf Steiner - are still what modern education lacks but needs the most as far as I can see. But modern schools have their own philosophies or spiritual beliefs and would only see the type you mention as competition, I would think. "Your greatest opponents are not the unbelievers, but the misbelievers" [from a spiritualist communication in "The Life of Anna Kingsford" by Edward Maitland (1896)]

Anyway, an attempt to combine a scientific religion, physical education, and spiritual meditation was made over 100 years ago in the books by Yogi Ramacharaka. No doubt some of his writings could be enlarged on or improved with the advantage of modern knowledge but on the whole I have never come upon a better introduction to the type of knowledge most needed in modern education. Online versions of some of his books can be found at and reprints are for sale from

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