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TSA Functional Expense Details

Nov 04, 2010 06:25 PM
by MKR

We all receive requests from TSA for donations for theosophical work. While
financial statements are published each year, some of the critical details
relative to how the money is spent for the functions for which TSA is setup
may not be clear.

Congress got concerned that tax exempt organizations are not disclosing key
information relative to the expenses incurred and is now requiring more
disclosure and transparency. The expense details in the most recent Form 990
available on Internet is very interesting.

Some key information that jumps out of the details are:

1. 4.66% of the expenses ($128,200.00) were incurred for outside
accountants' fees for services. It is likely it is for auditing the books.
2. Information technology, which is a key component in today's world,
incurred only $73,222, which is 2.66% of total expenses.
3. National fieldwork/training expense was a paltry $20,819.00 which is just

It looks like the expenses may reflect the current priorities as decided by
the elected board of directors of TSA. Details of all the expenses as
reported to the Internal Revenue Service are listed below.

You take a look at them and they will be very interesting and informative to
every interested member.



TSA Functional Expenses for the year ending March 31, 2009
(From Form 990 filed with Internal Revenue Service)

Compensation for officers,       89,909.00        3.27%
directors, trustees, & key

Other Salaries & Wages     1,043,733.00    37.96%

Other employee benefits       180,684.00    6.57%

Fees for services
(non-employees) -
Accounting                          128,200.00    4.66%
Other                                    64,989.00    2.36%

Advertising & Promotion         95,756.00    3.48%

Office Expenses                  252,041.00    9.17%

Information technology           73,222.00    2.66%

Royalties                            150,027.00    5.46%

Occupancy                         262,581.00    9.55%

Travel                                   64,366.00    2.34%

Interest Expense                    2,167.00    0.08%

Payment to affiliates             12,681.00    0.46%

Insurance                           175,212.00    6.37%

Other expenses:

Staff room and board            66,099.00    2.40%

Speakers/writers expense    21,114.00    0.77%

National fieldwork/training    20,819.00    0.76%

Miscellaneous               14,470.00    0.53%

Telephone                     12,545.00    0.46%

All other expenses         18,639.00    0.68%

Total                         2,749,254.   100.00%

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