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Word Riddles,

Oct 20, 2010 12:14 PM

These last couple of days I've been giving some serious thought to a word riddle that started a couple of years back.

First, an internet pal sent me a jpeg pic, an illustration of a green claw underneath which was written Striker.

The next year I moved out of state and into a house that was/is owned by an AZ baseball player.  

First I found a pile of photos tucked or hid really in a drawer - they were photos of a group of gals/girls and some place in Oregon, like some sort of convention/assembly, there were also several pics of a trail sign, from further to closer, and the sign said; End of the Trail.  And on the back were written numbers and when I put them in order they of course ended with the closest End of the Trail picture.  

There were also a few other interesting pics, unnumbered, of a gal squeezing herself into a large wooden picture frame, posing for a bunch of pictures, pretty inventive setting actually.

Shortly after and after I finished unpacking, one day when I was vaccuming I moved a throw rug and noticed someone had written on its backside; Strike Back, Mushroom Cap.  So I checked the other throw rug in the garage, and it'd been written on too, it said; Strike Back, Dark Stucco.

The house didn't have any mushroom cap nor dark stucco.

Next, yup, there is an next - curious how word riddles develop.

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