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Re: theos-talk Isis Unveiled

Oct 12, 2010 01:53 PM
by Martin

"It is stated that Adyar has it; Adyar says it doesn't have it."
How come I get a Vatican feeling over this? It also works like this in Pasadena 
HQ of the western catholic version of Theosophy. I gave them an original print 
of Bulwers "Pilgrims of the Rhine", 30 years ago when I was still usefull to 
them. Last year I went to The Hague and asked if I could have the book returned 
for a few weeks, so I could study some content. A hostile nosy German answered 
the door and told me to email the TS leader. Hahaha, he doesn't even reply my 
mail, sais I am veiled threatening him and his family...Last week I found a copy 
of my book in the Gutenberg library and sent it to Pasadena as a reward for all 
the work and support I got from them...

From: paijmanstheo <>
Sent: Tue, October 12, 2010 9:03:24 PM
Subject: Re: theos-talk Isis Unveiled

I note a tendency to scoff at the proposed price with a tinge of Jealousy. The 
price is steep to any of us (I bought my incomplete copy for under 50 dollars), 
but one should do well to see these artefacts as priceless and historical 
objects representing the solidifcations of theosophical doctrine.

Just look at the shambles the archives of theosophy are in. We cannot even 
establish what happened with Einstein's purported copy of the Secret Doctrine. 
It is stated that Adyar has it; Adyar says it doesn't have it. 

And then the discussion about Blavatsky's South-American tunnel entrance map. 
Supposedly Adyra has the original. But is a high res digital scan of it readily 
available to any researcher? Of course not.  I wonder if there's anyone still 
alive at the Adyar archives - or that years, decades of neglect and lack of true 
archival maintenance skills are masked by a profound and arrogant silence from 
those regions.

Why still no website with the relevant documents as pdf downloads? Why does 
theodophy not make use of the modern means of communication? No wonder nobody 
these days is seriously interested in theodophy, except as a quaint, old cult 
fad of our grandmothers.



--- In, Martin <Mvandertak@...> wrote:
> "LESS THAN 10 COPIES IN THE WORLD" for 4000 dollars is a bargain...One can feed 
> a village in Africa for a month with that kind of money, or spend it on real 
> Theosophists, the ones that the mahatma's are so eagerly looking for after the 

> Chinese took all the gold and jewelry from underneath the Potala of the Dalai 
> Lama in the 50-ies of last century...
> making budhists of today merely selling bookists, for not many intelligent 
> people feed budhists anymore these days, so budhists have become killers of 
> Vana, clearing forests for their books to write knowledge into, useless 
> knowledge, since trees tell you all about wisdom, why cut them into pieces and 

> put your ignorance on it?
> Only the Heart Truly Knows, all the rest is illusion...getting rid of illusion 

> on a planets scale is very difficult, thats why there are so many 
> so many I can hardly find my own Self...hahahaha
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> Subject: theos-talk Isis Unveiled
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