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On HPB and reincarnation before 1879

Oct 03, 2010 09:55 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

The following are entirely my views. others might agree or disagree.

I would like to throw a few links on articles written by H. P. Blavatsky about her book Isis Unveiled and about her views on reincarnation in that book and prior to 1879, and a few other links. Let those who are in doubt be assured, that she alreday knew about the doctrine of reincanation before 1879. To insinuate something in opposition to that like Olcott did was a mistake on his part in Old Diary Leaves, part I, p. 288 (Kessinger version).



MY BOOKS (april 1891)

- - -
Isis Unveiled vol. I + II

- - - 
The first known Mahatma Letter from Master KH...

Letter from Master KH dated 1870 to Blavatsky's aunt Nadejda Fadeeff. (originally in French)

By Daniel Caldwell we find the following references on Blavatsky's whereabouts:
"1868-9 Back again to India, she returns to Tibet to her Master.  She stays there till the end of 1870. Visits Tchigatse and the Teshu Lama, later stays in Cashmere at the home of another Master later known as the Master Koot Hoomi.  HPB TO APS p. 151, HPB SPEAKS II 23, 35-6, PATH X p. 298-9, C W B I p. xlviii, Kingsland: THE REAL HPB, p. 50

1870 Nov 11 The Master sends a letter to her family saying (in French) she is well and will soon return to them.  LETTERS FROM THE MASTERS OF WISDOM-II, p. 3-5, PATH X, p.170, LETTERS OF HPB TO APS p. 38, 5 YEARS OF THY. p. 280, 293"

H. P. Blavatsky went to India and was taught by her Master in the 1860-ties.

There she learnt about the Dzyan Stanzas, esoteric Buddhism and reincarnation etc. etc.

Just a few views, that came to my mind.

M. Sufilight

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