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Doubles Theorem - aka doubles every time!

Oct 02, 2010 09:23 PM

Number theory is a great interest and I continue to research and proof both in and out of the box - the box (Base) is interesting to explore a/b it's no perpetual machine - really, it's a fairly specifically-tuned finite grid that can be/is being applied perpetually.

And, it is a very structured this basic arrangement thus very self expressive; so there are lots of things to see/know about this particular fishing hole and its system ops, for example:

3+7 =10 

Span/reach of 4 between; 3+7 =10 (+4) =14/7 doubled  

5+2 =7 (+3) =10/5 doubled.

21+ 22 =43 (+1) =44/22 doubled

So on and on, I call it Seeing Double, but sometimes I think I should've called it: Is There An Echo In Here.

Or, maybe I should've called it __+__ =1/2 (or 2 ratio parts of three parts whole....).


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