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Saving Adyar Beach

Oct 01, 2010 02:54 PM
by MKR

 Here is a message I received regarding the proposed construction in Adyar
Beach. You may want to sign the petition.



Dear Friends,

Greetings from Adyar. The campaign to save the Adyar beach, its ecosystem
and many coastal communities has now entered an important stage. The
government, through an exercise in technicalities, has proposed to allow
construction on the beach through changes in the Coastal Zones Regulations.

The proposed construction of the Elevated Expressway in Chennai will destroy
the historical Adyar beach and its ecosystem, severely affect the delicate
environment between the Adyar river and the TS compound, which is rich in
mangroves and bird life, and destroy many fishing villages.

You are invited to sign the petition against such project in the link below.

If you feel so inclined kindly share the link to the petition with others in
your contact list.

With best wishes to all,

Pedro Oliveira
Save Chennai Beaches Campaign

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