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Re: Letter to TSA National Board re: Finance Director and Chief of Staff positions

Sep 26, 2010 05:04 PM

Also, I read through their Tax forms and I was happy to see that acquiring an Art Collection is an interest they're having - however, art and art symbology is a serious subject (and a seriously useful subject) a/b thus far their efforts in this arena look to me to be very lighthearted, kind of directionless and focused mainly on likes/dislikes, ie visual tastes; if I might say so without offending anyone.    

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> September 20, 2010
> To:
> Betty Bland, Tim Boyd, Elwin Barrett, Barbara Hebert, Marilyn Trotman, Jerome
> A Michel, Wallace Rainey, Nelda Samarel
> Dear Brother/Sister:
> As some of you know, I am a member of TSA attached to San Antonio, Texas
> Lodge.
> There are two items relating to the administration at Wheaton which came to
> my notice that I thought I should share my thoughts. They are the  Finance
> Director and Chief of Staff.
> Current plans seem to require the person  appointed to the Finance Director
> job had to be physically present and work at Wheaton. You may all recall
> that Bro Algeo, when he ran for the position of International President in
> 2008,  in his vision regarding administration of TS, stated that:
> â??But the international rules do not require residence at Adyar for
> administrators. Moreover, modern communication makes it possible for able
> and dedicated people around the world to serve in key administrative posts,
> without having to relocate from their homes.â??
> Thus implying that even the International President can function from
> his/her home anywhere in the world.
> Now we have an ideal opportunity for TSA to run a pilot test and see if the
> replacement Finance Director can function from his home anywhere in the USA,
> so long there is high speed Internet connection.
> I urge the TSA Board to try the practical test to see if it is workable. If
> it does, it will save a lot of money for TSA at a time of tight budget.
> Also  it can be rolled out world-wide to all Sections as well as at
> International level.
> The second item of interest is the Chief of Staff position. This is an
> expansion of bureaucracy by an additional level. Even though, it may start
> off as voluntary, it may tend to slowly evolve into a highly paid position.
> Also members do not know about the compensation in kind or otherwise for the
> position. [Traditionally, compensation issues are tightly kept secrets in
> all organizations.]
> It looks like the new position is  just like the Chief of Staff to the
> President of the United States. Such a position usually wields enormous
> power due to its gate-keeper role. Members have no idea how this position is
> going the improve spreading of theosophy in the USA and address the very
> critical issue of membership recruitment and retention.
> We all know that in TSA Membership has continued to decline, in spite of
> leadership of very dedicated, highly educated, and highly experienced
> theosophists at the top.
> Let me also add that  I have never seen a chief of staff even at the
> International level. When Annie Besant was President, she was very active in
> her theosophical, political and social projects, and she did it without the
> help of a chief of staff. She achieved much and all she had was a personal
> assistant. So the current need at TSA is very intriguing, to say the least.
> I request you all to consider the above in your decision making on the two
> issues cited.
> Fraternally yours
> M K Ramadoss
> San Antonio TX
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