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Re: theos-talk TSA Looking for a Finance Director

Sep 21, 2010 03:48 AM
by Bill Meredith

I am curious about the label/title/characterization "theosophist."  What does one have to believe, say, or do to be called a theosophist?  Is it membership in an organization?  a particular way of behaving?  a certain set of thought-processes?  Perhaps it is the way one dresses?  

In my opinion, some seekers of wisdom may eventually find such labels of little value in the quest for truth.

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  Subject: theos-talk TSA Looking for a Finance Director

  As many here may know, TSA is looking for a Finance Director and of all
  places I found an announcement in Chicago craigslist. Here is the link to
  the posting:


  The posting does not indicate the need for the person to be a theosophist
  and also what is missing is the salary range offered. Based on some of the
  published information, the person holding the position currently is the
  highest paid 'employee' of TSA and it is quite likely that the replacement
  candidate can expect the same compensation. Anyone interested should apply
  for the position.

  I have more to say on the above and will do so later.


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