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Jack Brown - Who wrote the article in Ojai Valley News about Einstein and SD

Sep 15, 2010 09:57 PM
by MKR

Since the article is interesting, efforts are under way to track down Jack
Brown and so far we have only seen dead ends. It is likely that it may be
pseudonym of some well known person. While inconsistencies are there in his
account, what if he was quite old and had bad memory about time frame he
visited Einstein.

It would also help if a search could be made of Ojai newspapers during the
period 1980-1985 to see if there are (a) other articles by Brown and (b) any
other article connecting Einstein with Blavatsky's statements in SD. These
may throw more light on this guy.

Any help from readers here will be appreciated.


There is no religion higher than Truth.

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