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Jerry Hejka-Ekins on Alfred Taylor & Albert Einstein

Sep 12, 2010 10:10 AM
by Daniel

Jerry wrote the following on Theos-Talk in 2004 and I believe
I did try to follow up by finding out more about Dr. Taylor and
Nell his wife.  I believe I ran into a dead end.  Anyway below is
what Jerry wrote:


Daniel, you must keep in mind that these conversations took place almost forty years ago. I had been in the TS for only a few years and at that time was not looking at things through an historian's eye. However, here are a couple of leads if you want to pursue the issue further:

Dr. Taylor was a research scientist at the university of Texas' Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute where he did cancer research. He is best known for an experiment he invented in 1942 where he infected fertile chicken eggs with cancer cells. But he got the most publicity
for a 1954 experiment he devised of feeding tiny amounts of fluoride to
mice and showing that the chemical significantly reduced their life
span. I first met Dr. Taylor around 1966 or so at Krotona, where he
subsequently became director of the Krotona School, held study groups on
HPB's book, the Secret Doctrine, and attracted a rather large following
of young people, which as I remember, the (Krotona) management found
disconcerting and threatening. Dr. Taylor suddenly passed away sometime
in 1973 under circumstances, which I understand, some find suspicious.
His wife and professional associate, Nell C. Taylor, still lives at
Krotona. I am not in touch with her, and do not know her present state
of health. Perhaps if one were to approach her, she may be amenable for
an interview. The Taylors also had children and grandchildren, but I do
not know their whereabouts.

I trust that you will share your findings, if any.


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