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Re: Theos-World White Lotus Day

May 09, 2010 08:55 AM
by Drpsionic

She would sit on the old grannies that make up the TS today.
Chuck the Heretic  

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I still recall reading about how she can use very graphic language when  she
is really upset. Today's 'organizational theosophists' would have  been
shocked and tried to find a way to ex-communicate her from TS, because  she
will not be seen politically correct.


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>  And let us remember that it was neither her immense presence or the  
> gravity that surrounded her that made her what she  was.
> Chuck the Heretic
>  www.charlescosimano  
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> Now it is May 8th morning in India and it is White  Lotus Day.
> H P Blavatsky passed away on this day and every  year TS lodges around the
> world celebrate it in remembrance of HPBâs  sacrifices for bringing
> Theosophy
> to the modern world. Lives  of many have been transformed by exposure to
> the
> doctrines of  theosophy and it is but fitting that we remember the Light
>  Bringer.
> These days too much talk is going on, especially in  the West about
> meditation and allied practices, unseen worlds etc.  etc. In here last 
> did HPB tell theosophists to concentrate and  meditate on this day in
> remembrance of her. No, No.
>  She wanted parts from Light of Asia (Life of Lord Buddha) and Bhagavat  
> read on this day and poor people fed.
> I think  these two are symbolic of the human transformation that is the
>  birth
> right of all and the need not to forget our poor brothers and  sisters._
> Let us all remember HPB and show our gratitude for  the_ knowledge she
> brought
> to the world and benefit by  transforming ourselves and benefit Humanity.
>  MKR
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