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Did the AAB and Besant - T.S. and E.S. deviate from the Original Lines?

Apr 23, 2010 09:37 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear Friends

My views are:

Did the T.S. deviate from the original lines?
 H. P. Blavatsky said so. (BCW, vol. XII, p. 490).
Were they brought back?
Some say yes, others say no.

Let me throw a some words to contemplate.
And ask yourselves the question whether the Jesuits and others have tried
to Christianize the T.S. and whether they have succeed?

The folllowing are some words to consider before answering the question...

>H. P. Blavatsky as I knew her (1923) A. L. Cleather; Basil W. Crump.<

Causes of Degeneration in the T. S. 

N the spring of 1891 our beloved Teacher contracted a 
very severe form of influenza, and on May 8 
her Soul was released from the suffering body. She 
was undoubtedly " recalled," as I see it now, because 
we had all failed her ; even we, her own personal pupils ; 
I do not hesitate to assert it we could not " watch, 
even for one hour." We failed, too, on the most obvious 
and elementary point the practice of brotherhood, for 
there were jealousies and dissensions even in the I. G. 
For H. P. B. it must have been heart-breaking. Time 
and again had she striven to form an inner body which 
would provide the one and only essential for the reception 
of the esoteric teachings she was commissioned to give 
out. As she wrote of just such a body as the I. G. : 
" Unless the greatest harmony reigns among the learners, 
no success is possible." And we proved quite unable to 
provide that one indispensable condition. The E. S. T. 
came first, then its higher degrees, and finally the I. G. 
But all was of no avail ; the material was bad, and so 
the Temple could not be reared ; neither could the 
Corner Stone be found. 

In the preface to her first great work, Isis Unveiled, 
H. P. B. expressly declares it to be a direct challenge 
to all forms of ecclesiastical dogmatism, and " especially 
to the Vatican ..." Yet, in the face of this, we 
find Mrs. Besant proclaiming a new dispensation on 
what is practically a Roman Catholic basis, and steering 
the whole movement under her control towards Rome, 
i.e., the very antithesis of all that H. P. B. taught and 

2 7 

worked for. The means used is an anomalous body 
called the Liberal Catholic Church, with Mr. C. W. 
Leadbeater and others as its " Bishops " ; and dogmas 
like the Apostolic Succession are upheld, which H. P. B. 
denounced. The moral character of these " Bishops " 
is so notorious that I need not sully these memories by 
any but the barest mention. I shall deal more fully, 
later, and in a separate publication with this matter, 1 
which constitutes an indelible stain on Mrs. Besant's 
Society in recent years. 

Some twenty years ago, or more, I came to the 
conclusion that H. P. B.'s passing sounded also the 
death-knell of the Theosophical Society, as such. But 
from a personal and interior point of view, it was even 
more tragic. For I am absolutely convinced that, 
of course, for individuals who were capable of rising 
to Their plane by interior effort and aspiration. If this 
be not so, why after her death do we find Mr. Judge 
and Mrs. Besant, apparently unable to rely on interior 
guidance, turning to supposed chelas, psychics, and 
clairvoyants in their efforts to re-establish communication 
with the Masters ? The answer is plain to anyone who 
has carefully studied what the Masters Themselves have 
written on the subject. In the long letter of rebuke to 
Colonel Olcott for his attitude towards H. P. B., received 
during his voyage to England in 1888, the Master K. H. 
writes: "Since 1885, I have not written, or caused to 
be written, save through her [H. P. B.'s] agency, direct 
or remote, a letter or line to anybody in Europe or 
America, nor communicated orally with, or through any 
third party . . . With occult matters she has everything 

1 See A Great Betrayal, already mentioned. 


to do. We have not abandoned her. She is not given 
over to chelas. She is our direct agent." 

Again, in a letter evidently to Miss Arundale and 
written in 1884 the same Master writes : " I take the 
opportunity, one of the last there are, to write to you 
directly, to say a few words. For you know, of course, 
that once H. P. B.'s aura in the house is exhausted, you 
can have no more letters from me. " (Italics are mine.) 
H. P. B. stayed with the Arundales in June and July of 
that year, when she came over from Paris on a short 
visit to adjust certain troubles in the London Lodge. 

But there exists still stronger, direct, evidence as to 
this. In a letter to Mrs. Langford (then Mrs. Laura 
Holloway, one of the " Two Chelas " who wrote Man] 
the Master K. H. writes in 1884. " . . .to help the 
cause in its present very complicated situation, we who 
are forbidden to use our powers with Europeans can act 
but thro' our chelas or one like H. P. B. . . . Where 
are the chelas strong enough to help us without the aid 
of our own powers " ? Incidentally it should be clear 
enough to anyone with a grain of intuition that H. P. B. 
was something much more than " a chela." Finally, 
H. P. B.'s Master Himself writes in relation to instruc- 
tions (for the " Inner Circle " of the London Lodge) 
which, He says, " can pass only through the hands of 
Mr. Sinnett, as hitherto . . . remains the question, 
what means there are to correspond even with Mr. Sinnett ? 
H. P. B. will not undertake the sending on and trans- 
mission of the letters ; she has shown her willingness to 
self-sacrifice in this direction long enough . . . Damodar 

K. M. has the same and even more unwillingness. 

[name of another chela} has not reached that stage of 
physiological development that enables a chela to send and 
receive letters. His evolution has been more upon the 
intellectual plane ..." (Italics are mine throughout.)"

I think the picture in the above is quite true.
But maybe the members of TS Adyar are able to follow the Esoteric Prasanga School of thought and reveal another more true view?


M. Sufilight asks and says:
Now, compare the above with the following given by present day Lucis Trust, AAB and her Master D.K...

I ask, can we in all fairness not question whether Alice A. Bailey's master was completely unware of that Alice A. Bailey would write 5 books consciously (or perhaps unconsciously, although not  likely) as a CHELA(?) effectively seeking to Christianize the theosophical teachings and the Eastern Doctrine; while Deep-freezing the Middle Eastern one?

And even so the Alice A. Bailey master wrote the books "The Externalization of the Hierarchy" and "The Reappearnce of the Christ". Both books are clearly lacking info on the Eastern Doctrine and are heavily filled with emphasis on a doctrine effectively Christianizing the Eastern Doctrine; while also Deep-freezing the Middle Eastern Doctrine.


Further we have from Alice A. Bailey's "Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey":
"Our secretaries are not permitted to enter into political or religious arguments with the students they supervise. We seek only to indicate the common goal, the universal field of service and the ancient methods whereby human beings can pass from the unreal to the Real." (p. 198)

A comment:
Yet in recent years we find the Lucis Trust to formulate itself in more or less political tone of voice.

Try the following newsletter from Lucis Trust, nr. 2, 2003:
*** The War in Iraq ***
"We did not rush blindly into war; instead it was considered deliberately and passionately by all the many members of the world community demonstrating a noble attempt to solve this problem in a more enlightened way. And although we seemingly failed, nonetheless a process was initiated."
"That is not to say that force is never justified for, as we well know, the transition period through which we are manoeuvring is fraught with tremendous difficulties of which we are all too vividly aware. The terrorist threat does not yield to facile or immediate solutions. And as much as we might long for the cessation of warfare, due to the dangerous world in which we live there are times when it is justified. "

Try also the 2008 Newsletter on "The Meaning of Democracy"

World Goodwill

WORLD VIEW - Rehabilitation for the Nations 
"The current dislocation/relocation of people through emigration is helping to hasten this bond-breaking process, with world communication networks also expanding the sense of world community. But the main organ of hope for humanity remains the United Nations and the cycle of world conferences it hosts. Despite constant criticism of its effectiveness, the UN has been integral to the survival of humanity, smoothing its rough passage into the new world era. "

I agree, that most Alice A. Bailey followers do mean well, and that is very good.
If they just were more motivated to pull that stupid Christian-political branch out of their own eyes, so that they could see the Middle Eastern part of the planet - much more obejctively - with the eyes of the Sufis and - especially - the promoters of the Eastern Doctrine. Politics is clearly Low-Ethics - even when the United Nations and AAB seek to throw another pictrue of it. Without exchanging views about the core doctrines about the Meaning of Life, how will any political activity be able to help humanity? - The Law of Karma will not be mocked! - Oh what a waste of Newsmedia-heads!

Alice A. Bailey's: Esoteric Psychology
"Every great religion which arises is under the influence of one or other of the rays, but it does not necessarily follow that each successive ray should have a great far-reaching religion as its outcome. We have heard that Brahmanism is the last great religion which arose under first ray influence; we do not know what may have been the religion which was the outcome of the last second ray period; but the Chaldean, the Egyptian and the Zoroastrian religions may be taken as representing the third, the fourth, and the fifth rays respectively. Christianity and probably Buddhism were the result of sixth ray influence. Mohammedanism, which numbers so large a following, is also under sixth ray influence, but it is not a great root religion, being a hybrid offshoot of Christianity with the tinge of Judaism."
(Esoteric Psychology vol. 1 - 1936 , page 167)

- - - - - - -

M. Sufilight says:
Important knowledge about the Alice A. Bailey books today year 2006.

I - The Bailey books are not a balanced multicultural presentation on
II - The Bailey books have a heavy use of Christian vocabulary.
The bad consequences of this will show itself in the present information
III - The Middle East is hardly mentioned in the books, but the Christian
religion gets a whole lot of coverage.
IV - The books were NOT intended for a Middle Eastern audience. Today
communication is rapid - due to the Internet. The audience is different
today. And the physical world has changed.
V - Bailey groups are connected with work at The United Nations,
Headquarters. Because of that they are politically involved, and that on an
international level.
VI - True theosophical or esoteric teachings are always taking time, place, people,
circumstances, teacher and audience into account. The Alice A. Bailey books are
dangerous and irrelevant to a global audience on the Internet.
VII -This is today some of the problems the books of Bailey creates in TODAYS
international information society, where there are clearly visible
political tensions between the Western politicians and The Middle Eastern ones."

But again, I might be wrong in my wellmeant views.
Because I do not claim to know all and everything.

M. Sufilight

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