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Re: Theos-World Cardiff Lodge Resigns its Affiliation with TS Adyar

Apr 21, 2010 02:22 PM
by MKR

In the USA, there is the ongoing charter cancellation of the Orlando Lodge
(which owns valuable real estate and ownership of which will go to TSA once
the cancellation legal issues are settled) and members have no clue to what
is the real reason for the cancellation as well as if efforts were made by
the leadership to personally go to Orlando and find out first hand what the
real issues are and how they can be resolved. (that is the way good leaders
and administrators deal with problems).

Instead what seems to be happening is lawyers are dealing with the situation
and the real loser is theosophy and TSA since lawyers are bound to earn a
good living from the funds that should be used to further TS and theosophy.

And both parties are keeping silent on the issues, perhaps on the advise of
lawyers. When no information is forthcoming, members can only use their
imagination and in the current situation created by the election and the
aftermath in which the leaders in the USA took an active part, only worst
can be imagined and it is going to hurt all around - leaders, theosophy and

On the heels of the above, comes the Cardiff Lodge issue. Members do not
have any idea of the real problems behind the resignation.

In pre Internet days, information such as the above was easily contained
because except for the parties involved, others have no means of learning
the on going problems.

Also since most have no idea of the issues such as the above, silence from
the organization was a good option. Now with Internet the situation is
different. Silence may not affect the positions of elected officials; but
their credibility will be affected since the reasonableness of the decisions
are not obvious due lack of credible facts and information.

Longer these kinds of decisions drag on without explanation, the long time
damage to the organization and its leaders are going to hurt the main
mission of TS.

Hopefully we will learn what is going on at Orlando and Cardiff and
understand what the real issues are.


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On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 11:41 AM, MKR <> wrote:

> Cardiff Lodge Resigns its Affiliation with TS Adyar
> In February 2010, the Cardiff Theosophical Society decided to resign its
> affiliation to the Adyar based Theosophical Society for the reasons
> outlined
> in the letter below.
> <>
> MKR's Comments: It is a pity that we are losing lodges either due to action
> by the issuer of charters and/or by the lodges themselves. Wonder if anyone
> in authority had personally visited the lodge to understand the real
> problems behind actions like this. Usually what you see is not what you
> get.
> The real problems may be unspoken and can be found out only with a personal
> visits. At this rate, at least in the west, TS may disappear in many
> countries for lack of members/lodges.
> Tag: Theosophical, Theosophy, Cardiff
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