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Working for Humanity Through the T. S.

Apr 21, 2010 10:39 AM
by MKR

Here is a msg re-posted as I think it is timely considering the current
status of TS membership trend in countries outside USA.

Thanks to Eldon for the theos-world from which I was able to copy since I
could not locate my original post on vnet.

Working for Humanity Through the T. S.


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*[based upon a May 12, 1997 posting to] *

In looking at how the Theosophical Society can be of practical value in the
world, I believe there are a couple of points that need to be considered.

The needs of the members who join and continue in TS vary considerably.

When the Theosophical Society was started, while much of the philosophy was
being written up, we see that not much emphasis was placed on such practices
as meditation, concentration etc. On the other hand we see both H.P.
Blavatsky and H.S. Olcott getting involved in some practical social issues
which affect men and women. The first Sanskrit schools in Madras and also
the school for Panchama (depressed classes) School was started. In addition,
work was done in reviving Buddhism.

Though the Esoteric School of Theosophy was later started due to requests
from selected individuals for practical instructions for self-improvement,
and interest grew up later, during the time of Annie Besant, she was
intensely involved in the various movements in India which affected the
masses. They are Indian Independence, national system of schools, and
various other endeavors.

Even during later years, Rukmini Devi Arundale was actively involved in
animal welfare in India.

If we look at the Theosophical Society, the members have to be self-starters
so that they can embark on a plan which is practical application of the
three objects of T.S.

The elitist and ivory tower attitude generally comes from certain
inferiority complex in the minds of some who may be thinking that they have
evolved further than the rest.

What I have seen is that some of the very experienced members who are humble
and realize that whatever they may know is so insignificant compared to
those who have first hand knowledge, do act in a non elitist/ivory manner.

Also some times when anyone gets elected or appointed to an organizational
position, that gets to their head and you may see some demonstration of the
elitist attitude â which is just normal human reaction, because everyone
wants to feel important and associated with something important or big.

Generally what I find is that anyone who is service oriented will find the
Theosophical Society's environment a comfortable one in spite of all the
short comings. After all, as the Real Founders wanted to help Humanity and
all the rest were secondary.

If someone is interested practical instructions in such practical matters as
astral projection, astral, mental, etc travel etc. etc. they may have to
look elsewhere for instruction.

I just visited with the Maha-Chohan letter which is considered by every TS
leader from H.P.B. onwards was the most important letter ever received from
the Adept Teachers as it is a communication from the Maha-Chohan ("to whose
insight the future lies like an open page â K.H.)

It was a response to the two Englishmen - AO Hume and AP Sinnett who did not
clearly understand the goal of Theosophical Society. The Adepts told them
that the true significance of Their attempt to influence the world through
TS was to mold the world towards a larger and truer sense of Brotherhood
than the religions had so far accomplished. (Jinarajadasa's comment in
Letters from the MW - I Series).

The letter goes on to say:

Colonel H.S.O., who works but to revive Buddhism, may be regarded as one who
labors in the true path of theosophy, far more than any other man who
chooses as his goal the gratification of his own ardent aspirations for
occult knowledge.

It is not the individual and determined purpose of attaining oneself Nirvana
(the culmination of all knowledge and absolute wisdom) which is after all
only an exalted and glorious *selfishness* â but the self-sacrificing
pursuit of the best means to lead on the right path our neighbor, to cause
as many of our fellow-creatures as we possibly can to benefit by it, which
constitutes the true Theosophist.

Rather perish the TS with both its hapless founders than that we should
permit it to become no better than an academy of magic, a hall of occultism.

And it is we, the humble disciples of these perfect Lamas, who are expected
to allow the TS to drop its noble title, that of Brotherhood of Humanity, to
become a simple school of psychology. No, no, good brothers, you have been
laboring under the mistake too long already.

>From a reading of the above, it is very clear if some one joins the TS with
the expectation of *practical* lessons on topics such as concentration,
meditation, and other psychic and psychological exercises, I am sure there
will be a great disappointment.
I also personally believe that greater interest and activity by individual
members in practical application of Brotherhood in any way we can, is but
sure to make us very sensitive and perceptive as we go along so that we will
be able to detect great opportunities for service and also potential
opportunities to help the needy and down-trodden.

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