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Use of Master's Letter - As viewed by Master KH

Apr 20, 2010 10:18 AM
by MKR

In this day and age of people so concerned about copyright, following
should be an eye opener for any theosophist. Frequently, people,
including theosophists, have taken cover under copyright to prevent
writings unfavourable to be distributed to public.

Mark the comment by the Master, authorizing copying the material
verbatim without quotation marks. Meditating theosophists (many are),
may want to meditate on the following quote, so that they better
understand a different viewpoint on written material and claim of

Master K.H. wrote:

 "You may, if you choose so, or find necessity for it, use in Man [the
above titled book] or in any other book you may chance to be
collaborating for, anything I may have said in relation to our secret

doctrines in any of my letters to Messrs. Hume or Sinnett. Those
portions that were private have never been allowed by them to be
copied by anyone; and those which are so copied have by the very fact
become theosophical property. Besides, copies of my letters â at

any rate those that contained my teachings â have always been
sent by my  order to Damodar and Upasika [H.P.B.], and some of the
portions even used in 'The Theosophist.' You are at liberty to even
copy them verbatim and without quotation marks. ... Thus not only

you, a chela of mine, but anyone else is at liberty to take anything,
whole pages, if thought proper, from any of my "copied" letters and
convert their 'dross' into pure ore of gold, provided they have well

grasped the thought. Show this to L.C.H. who was already told the
same."â Letter 39 in "Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom,"
First Series <>.


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