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Morten vs Dogma

Apr 18, 2010 04:21 AM
by Duane Carpenter

Dear Morten
If you had spent more time studying AABâs works instead of criticizing and putting her down you might have realized that she is an important contributor to Theosophy.
My Guru is better then your Guru is old Piscean stuff that we need to let go of as we move into the true age of Aquarius. Each contributes what they can and respects what others are doing even if we do not understand it. Please read this short commentary since it was written for those who think their way is the only way and their thinking about things is the only truth.
ÂA short except from this commentary comparing the wonderful works of HPB with AAB :
âOne of the greatest stumbling blocks to many who have studied HPBâs work is what they see as Alice Bailey personalizing the idea of Christ. If you take into account that DK himself stated that he deliberately gave the ancient wisdom teachings a Christianized emphasesfor a broader audience here in the west it will explain much. Did AAB fuse Esoteric Christianity with Esoteric Buddhism? This audacious undertaking could only be done by a Master of the Wisdom who could bypass the dogmas and historical baggage both religions bring and see the same esoteric truths that are be found in all religious traditions and Âemanating from the same One Source of spiritual life. For those theosophical students who have been told by erroneous sources that AAB has overly personified the principal of Love or Christ please read carefully the next passage and quote by AAB.
âThere have always been those in every land who developed and expressed the Christ consciousness; this is loving understanding and intelligent, living service, no matter by what words or terminology they expressed the tremendous spiritual event of which they were aware. â 
Today, as a result of a spiritual awakening which dates from 1625 A.D., and which laid the emphasis upon a wider, general education and upon a revolt from the imposition of clerical authority, the radiation from the world of souls has greatly intensified and the Kingdom of God is becoming a corporate part of the outer world expression, and this for the first time in the long, long history of humanity.
The effect of this radiation or magnetic aura is now so extensive that we need no longer talk in terms of bringing in the kingdom or of its manifestation on Earth. It is already manifesting, and its aura is co-mingled with the mental, astral and etheric auras of mankind. Recognition only is required, but (and this is a factor to be noted) recognition is being withheld until the kingdom of souls can be safeguarded from the narrow claims of any church, religion or organization; many will claim (as they have ever done) that admittance into the Kingdom of God is to be found through their particular reparative group. The Kingdom of God is not Christian, or Buddhist, or to be found focused in any world religion or esoteric organization. It is simply and solely what it claims to be: a vast and integrated group of soul-infused persons, radiating [Page 408] love and spiritual intention, motivated by goodwill...â
ÂFor all of the endless debates about Bailey vs. HPB, Bailey clearly puts the idea of the Bodhisattva or Cosmic Christ as an impersonal deity or power that expresses both intelligence and Love.
The aspirant and probationers are baffled by the depth and profundity of both the works of AAB and HPB but have not developed the wisdom to remain silent until they know more. True disciples recognize the immense opportunity that the works of HPB and AAB offer and begin creating analogies, correspondences and links between the two
Do these teachings of AAB's work well because they are the result of some cult like dynamic that is so often hinted at by the beginner in Theosophy who is baffled over their wide acceptanceÂor is it because these teachings of AAB's are providing historically what may be the next step for many intelligent people who are seekingÂdiscipleship training.
I find it somewhat ironical that the Bailey material speaks about HPB in glowing terms in dozens of places. Placing her high in the spiritual hierarchy of things and indicating the importance of her work. Many Theosophical students on the other hand who have not obviously studied the AAB material seem to go into a frenzy of delight to tear down and delegate her teachings to some dark and sinister plot.
MostÂof the critics of AAB's works acknowledge that they have made a somewhat superficial study of her teachings before launching into what they see as a comparison between the two.
The Theosophical society is in major crises brought on by its own ignorance, dogma and refusal to be open to all forms of Theosophical teachings regardless from which direction they come. Theosophy lives on but more in the teachings that have spread around the world exponentially than in its disintegrating institutions that may have started themâ. 

From: Morten Nymann Olesen <>
Sent: Sun, April 18, 2010 3:05:37 AM
Subject: Theos-World The Salvations Army versus Lucis Trust!?

Dear friends

My views are:

I find that comparative studying between the very Successful Alice A. Bailey followers and Blavatskian Theosophist seldom occurs. It might be because the Alice A. Bailey followers have down-watered the importance of comparative studying and replaced it with a AAB Bible tendency?

So, because of that I just added the following to Wikipedia:

The Blavatskian theosophists.
Some critics and often followers of the so-called Blavatskian theosophy on Atma-Vidya refer to the following quotes. The theosophical Master K.H. was given by H. P. Blavatsky to say: "the Salvation Army by hypnotizing people and making them psychically drunk with excitement, is Black Magic"[53]. And H. P. Blavatsky stated in contrast with Alice A. Bailey's promotion of a Great Invocation arrival of a Maitreya Saviour in the flesh that: "(a) "the coming of Christ," means the presence of CHRISTOS in a regenerated world, and not at all the actual coming in body of "Christ" Jesus; (b) this Christ is to be sought neither in the wilderness nor "in the inner chambers," nor in the sanctuary of any temple or church built by man; for Christ--the true esoteric SAVIOUR--is no man, but the DIVINE PRINCIPLE in every human being. " [54] This can be compared with Alice A. Bailey.s "The Externalization of the Hierarchy", p. 590.
H. P. Blavatsky also said in a letter to the honourable Abbà Roca: "In carnalizing the central figure of the New Testament, in imposing the dogma of the Word made flesh, the Latin Church sets up a doctrine diametrically opposed to the tenets of Buddhist and Hindu Esotericism and the Greek Gnosis. Therefore, there will always be an abyss between the East and the West, as long as neither of these dogmas yields." And further on she said, that a "true Theosophists will never accept either a Christ made Flesh, according to the Roman dogma, or an anthropomorphic God, still less a "Shepherd" in the person of a Pope".[55].

Now if any Alice A. Bailey leader or follower have any comments I am all ears.

M. Sufilight

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