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Re: Theos-World Adyar Convention Reporting

Jan 24, 2010 09:21 AM
by Augoeides-222

Oh yeah? Name a hundred!!! lol. 

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It may be going a bit far to call Radha a thief, but I would have no 
hesitation in calling a few politicians that. 

Chuck the Heretic 

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I think your calling Radhaji a thief is crossing the line for any 
theosophist. You owe an unconditional apology. 

As a theosophist, I would never all another human being a thief. 

The ball is now in your court. 


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> Dear MKR, 
> I would just like to point out to you that I attended the Convention as 
> every member's right to do so. The Administration at Adyar was definitely 
> NOT doing me a favour. 
> The issues I have brought up, by the way, are issues that the founders 
> would themselves raise, had they been alive. Neither of our founders 
were in 
> favour of corruption, and it did not matter to them at what level these 
> practised. Corruption is corruption and it is an evil that must be rooted 
> out. It is indeed sad to see that it exists in the TS, the founders of 
> are insulted daily by the current administration at Adyar, who instead of 
> rooting it out, endorse it all because it is practised by the relatives 
> the President. 
> Also, Preethi was not allowed to stay on campus with her mother, Mrs 
> Muthiah, who still works at the TS, Adyar. And though Preethi was 
allowed to 
> visit her mother, in the future, even that permission has been taken 
> You must read the Mahatma's Letters carefully, MKR, and you will find out 
> that with a spiritual aspirant, every bad deed wipes out all the good 
> So, even if you want to be proud of Mrs Burnier allowing a member of the 
> like Preethi Muthiah to attend the Convention, which by the way was 
> Muthiah's right, you cannot run away from the fact that since Mrs Burnier 
> did not allow me to stay with my mother, so the deed you mentioned gets 
> wiped out and the balance is tilted towards the misdeeds...heavily 
> It is quite possible that Mrs Radha Burnier will now try to prevent 
> from being a member of the TS...but that is her headache...not mine...My 
> commitment to the Theosophical Cause remains unhindered, for I choose it 
> be so. She cannot own the Masters of the Wisdom nor the Wisdom Teachings. 
> She cannot even actually own the Adyar Estate for it is not her 
property. If 
> you will see the rules, you will realize that Adyar actually belongs to 
> the members of_ the TS, for out of our annual membership fee, a certain 
> amount goes towards the upkeep and maintenance of the Adyar International 
> Headquarters. 
> In effect, MKR, Mrs Radha Burnier in addition to all her other misdeeds 
> corruption etc. is also today party to the crime of keeping a member of 
> TS from her right to enter and live on the international HQ of the TS, 
> Adyar, for the maintenance and upkeep of which the member pays annually a 
> certain fee. By that account, MKR, Mrs Burnier is a thief. I hope that 
> not a matter of pride with you. 
> Fraternally 
> Preethi 
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> Date: Saturday, 23 January, 2010, 2:14 AM 
> When I suggested before the convention, if some one attending the 
> convention 
> could report on the convention on Internet, I was thinking about a blog 
> like 
> reporting, which in a journalistic point, be entertaining and 
> I 
> have seen in conventions, each day one or two page bulletin is issued 
> covering the dayâs summary. It is very disappointing that in this day and 
> age of computers and wifi, something that is easy to do was not done by 
> one. By the way, Chennai is a hub of many computer establishments and so 
> there are ample wifi resources if anyone wanted to post anything on 
> Internet. I do not know what is happening in various countries when they 
> have their annual conventions. 
> It is heartening to see Preethi was allowed to attend the convention, as 
> member, in spite of the various issues she had raised in the past and had 
> to 
> move out of_ the Adyar Estate. This speaks very highly of the Adyar 
> administration and all of us should be proud of it. I doubt any other 
> organization would have allowed her to attend a convention. 
> MKR 
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