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Failed Lay Chelaship

Jan 24, 2010 05:39 AM
by MKR

In ML to Sinnett #67, Master KH writing to Col Olcott, says:

âFew men know their inherent capacities  - only the ordeal of crude
chelaship develops them.

Intuitive as you naturally are - chelaship is as yet almost a complete
puzzle for you; as for my friend Sinnett and the others they have scarcely
an inkling of it yet. Why must I even now (to put your thoughts in right
channel) remind you of the three cases of insanity within seven months among
âlay chelas,â not to mention oneâs turning a thief?â

Referring to a letter, Master KH comments on how Dugpas act.

âThe diabolical malice which breathes throâ his present letter comes
straight from the Dugpas who provoke his vanity and blind his reasonâ

The events we have been witnessing since the start of 2008 International
President election, culminating in the absence of most General Council
members (mostly from the European Countries and other countries with White
majority) in the recent International Convention and the lack of any
evidence of cooperation and reconciliation after the display of cleavage
shown in the voting pattern of 2008 GC meeting, leaves any ordinary TS
member perplexed and confused.

All the TS classics point to the theosophist, the need for the practical
application of Truth in daily life and cooperation in all human matters for
the well being of fellow human beings. Many of us who have listened to
lectures have heard this message being presented from a variety of angles.

How does one reconcile the above theosophical doctrine with the behavior
displayed by leaders who have been long time members and most of whom have
reached the highest levels in the Esoteric Section and Co-Masonry.

I am not an occultist with first hand knowledge. Hence the only thing I can
speculate is that the above quoted Masterâs letter may contain an
explanation for the events which cannot be logically explained. If during
the course of seven months, three candidates failed, I am sure many have
failed since. I place this before our brothers and sisters for their


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