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Convention Report -- My sincere apologies

Jan 18, 2010 04:25 AM
by seeker_preethi

Dear All,

It was recently brought to my attention that those people I mentioned as 'dummies' in my last email entitled "An Unofficial Report of a Very Official Convention" do actually take the chair on the dais at the Inaugural of the Convention, for it is a privilege given to all members of the GC.

I was not aware of this and, perhaps, owing to the fact that generally the dais is too full for one to notice who is or is not sitting there, which was truthfully speaking very empty this year, I assumed that they were "dummies".

My sincere apologies to DK Govindaraj, Helen Jamieson, HK Sharan, and Sriram Panchu. Also, to Mrs Radha Burnier and Linda Oliveira, to Kusum Satapathy. And most of all, to all of you who are recipients of my postings.

Many apologies for my ignorance and bless the member who brought this to my attention.


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