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Just published article on Master Narayan

Jan 17, 2010 11:23 AM
by Govert Schuller

Wheaton, January 17, 2010

To those interested,

It is my pleasure to announce that Prof. James Santucci has recently published an article of mine in the quarterly Theosophical History,
which might be of interest to Theosophists, historians and philosophers of the human sciences.

The title is:

Jean Overton Fuller, Master Narayan, and the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias Issue 

In Theosophical History Vol. XIV, no's 1 & 2 (double issue), pp.35.

The focus is on a relatively unknown Theosophical master who was known to H.P. Blavatsky and H.S. Olcott under the name of Narayan. Around 1910 some Theosophists in Adyar thought they had met this master in the person of a blind yogi named Nagaratnaswami in the little village of Tiruvallam about 70 miles west from Madras. Almost a 100 years later Jean Overton Fuller in her biography on Krishnamurti revived this claim in the context of an extended and open discussion she and I conducted about the Theosophical writers Cyril Scott and David Anrias, who both provided very critical Theosophical assessments of Krishnamurti.

For ordering information:

Index of issue here:

Editorial introduction here:


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Phenomenology and its relevance in certain academic disciplines and
professional practices: An initial bibliography.


The reach of phenomenology into different non-philosophical domains has
been steadily growing. This is a list of disciplines, which make
extensive use of phenomenology in their self-understanding.

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