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The mysterious Teapot and the Spiritualist part, Badrinath 2

Jan 16, 2010 12:05 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

Part 2
Second part is about the fact that Master KH, Swami Dayanand, Alice A. Bailey, S. Subramania Iyer vice-president of T.S. are connected to Badrinath in Northern India.

Master K. H. on Mrs. Hollis Billing - and Badrinath and Swami Dayanand.

In Mahatma Letter no. 54 we find the following interesting word by Master K.H. about Swami Dayananda Saraswati (D. Swami) and Hurrychund Chintamon (H. C.) - and the quite important place Badrinath! :
"And such other as Dr. Billing, the husband of that good, honest woman, the only really and thoroughly reliable and honest medium I know of -- Mrs. M. Hollis-Billing; whom he married for her few thousands pounds, ruined her during the first year of his married life, went into concubinage with another medium; and when vehemently reproached by H.P.B. and Olcott, -- left his wife and Society and turned with bitter hatred against both women; and since then is ever seeking to secretly poison the minds of the British Theosophists and Spiritualists against his wife and H.P.B."
"And if my word of honour has any weight with you, then know that D. Swami was an initiated Yogi, a very high chela at Badrinath, endowed some years back with great powers and a knowledge he has since forfeited, and that H.P.B. told you but the truth, as also that H.C. was a chela of his, who preferred to follow the "left path." And now see what has become of this truly great man, whom we all knew and placed our hopes in him. There he is -- a moral wreck, ruined by his ambition and panting for breath in his last struggle for supremacy, which, he knows we will not leave in his hands. And now, if this man -- ten times greater morally and intellectually than Hurrychund -- could fall so low, and resort to such a mean course, of what his ex-friend and pupil Hurrychund may not be capable to satisfy his thirst for revenge!"

- - -


S. Subramania Iyer
"One of the founding members of the Indian National Congress, he led the Madras delegation to its first session at Bombay, in December 1885"

S. Subramania Iyer (joined TS in 1882):
"The Divine Hierarchy (Suddha Dharma Mandalam), although was created by Bhagavan Narayana more than 12.000 years ago in a day of Full Moon in the month of May, during the year denominated Nala in the region of Visala-Badari, in the Himalayas. "
"In the year of 1915, the reverenced Dr. Sir S. Subramanya Ayer Avergal, (Swami Subramanyananda) who was then the President of the High Court of Justice of Madras and the vice president of the Theosophical society, was chosen by the Divine Hierarchy to give the first public announcement about this organization, its basic principles and its training system, and was Suddha Dharma Mandalam's first External Initiatory Authority. It is not that the existence of this Hierarchy was unknown before, but it had been forgotten and people were not aware of the existence of these dignitaries who performed their different functions in order to help those who aspired to the divine enlightenment. Therefore, the existence of this Great Hierarchy was in a way a new revelation, as well as it was its way of functioning. Prior to this announcement, a few, very evolved initiates knew the existence of this organization. "

The Theosophist - H. P. Blavatsky, editor - VOL. I., No. 4 - JANUARY, 1880
"BADRINATH, THE MYSTERIOUS. - By a Swami who has seen it."
"It is said that the yogis named Bham Yogi,[?] Yogchurti[?] Aitwar Gir, Ganga Gir, Somwar Gir, have been performing their holy functions there for the last three hundred years. None but those who are Dnyani**** succeed in having their company. Whenever they have to see any body they fix some time for a meeting, and only those who punctually keep their appointment can see them. There are many such ascetics in that part of the country, and those who want to satisfy their curiosity may go there and see them. But what is said above is known to all who live there.

    **** One who has succeeded in obtaining "Dnyana" is called "Dnyani." By the word "Dnyana" is not here meant any knowledge but the knowledge of the mysterions laws of nature and consequently what is obtained by Yog training. Until therefore a person reaches a certain degree of the knowledge of Yog philosophy, he cannot see these Mahatmas. -- (ED. THEOS.)"

M. Sufilight says:
S. Subramania Iyer, joined T.S. in 1882, and was co-founder of the Indian National Congress together with A. O. Hume, who today is one of the most wellknown receivers of the Mahatma Letters. S. Subramania Iyer became vice-president of T.S. in 1907-8 when A. P. Sinnett (one of the main official receivers of Mahatma Letters who disagreed with Annie Besant about whether the Masters had adviced her through H. S. Olcott on becoming President of the T.S.) stopped. S. Subramania Iyer was also a member of T. Subba Row's special inner group.
It is said, that S. Subramania Iyer formed his inner Esoteric Section group in 1915 in a disagreement with Annie Besant about her J. Krishnamurti (Maitreya - World Teacher) scheme. The wellknown author C. W. Leadbeater went to Australia about the same year, yet he supported Annie Besants activities through of the next years at least until 1925-1927.

- - -
Alice A. Bailey writes in her book: "The Unfinished Autobiography" p. 228:
"One such group in India interested me very much. There was an organization in India called the Suddha Dharma Mandala. It had been founded by Sir Subra Maniyer. It was an occult order of apparently an advanced kind. I had come across one of the books they had put out and had [228] discovered several of the leaders of the Theosophical Society were working in the order, having outgrown the esoteric section in the T.S. I'm not a good hand at joining organizations but I wrote to the head of the order and asked permission to join but received no reply."

- - -
Badrinath, Adi-Badri Temples, Uttrakhand, India

- - -

M. Sufilight says:
Now we can ponder whether Alice A. Bailey (and her Tibetan) or Annie Besant were most close to the theosophical teachings with regard to Badrinath. 

A question:
Badrinath near Gangotri seems to be an interesting place to many well-known theosophical Seekers if we consider both Master K. H. in Mahatma Letter no. 54 and Alice A. Bailey as well as S. Subramania Iyer (vice-president of T.S.). In Autobiography of a Yogi. (mid-20th century) Paramahansa Yogananda wrote about meeting the guru of his guru's guru (his great-grandguru) named Mahavatar Babaji.  He described him as still alive in the Badrinath region of the Himalayas, and despite his great age he retained the appearance of a young man.

Has anyone at this forum stayed at Badrinath for a longer period of time or visited the place?

M. Sufilight

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