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Re: Theos-World Alice A. Bailey's books are online searchable in PDF-format

Jan 01, 2010 02:21 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear Rose

Yes, but too much acceptance of Democracy as being a theosophical wisdom teaching system and for my taste too politically oriented without realising how Esoteric Buddhism operates.

A few more words and views by me on Alice A. Bailey, which might have your interest as well as other readers on this forum.

Here we go...

S. Subramania Iyer 
( ) 

Have you ever heard about S. Subramania Iyer, member and also leader of the Indian National Congress?
Alice A. Bailey wrote about him as being highly esoterical. Therefore even Lucis Trust might seem to be entangled with the Indian National Congress - although seemingly only to a minor degree.
He became vice-president of the Theosophical Society in 1907, when vice-president of the Theosophical Society named A. P. Sinnett (one of the main official receivers of Mahatma Letters from Morya and KH) voiced distrust in that the Masters had apointed Annie Besant as President of The Theosophical Society, when Olcott died.

S. Subramania Iyer (d. 1924) became af member of the Theosophical Society in 1882 and was a member of T. Subba Row's special inner group teachings.
S. Subramania Iyer (High Court Justice at Madras, India) was also known as Swami Subra Maniyer or Swami Subramanyananda. He created his own inner Esoteric Section named Suddha Dharma Mandala in 1915 (Published in the Theosophist 1915). And S. Subramania Iyer was a part of the group who together with A. O. Hume and Dyal Singh  ( created the beginning of the Indian National Congress in 1884 at the time of the Coulomb scandal. (((Olcott did not like the idea and expressed it. And Blavatsky mentioned something about that Olcott had expressed himself in too strong political terms at the time. Maybe she was referring to this event, since Blavatsky never payed much value to political involvements - calling it Low-Ethics.))) - Some say that S. Subramania Iyer was behind the promotion of an Avatar created by this group in 1919, but others say there there are at least one letter at Adyar, which opposes this view, and that it was a few of his disciples in Suddha Dharma Mandala, who went astray. (info by Annie Besant, 1926) - They said that the White Brotherhood of the Masters have existed near Badrinath and Badri-Visala forest in Northern India for more than 12.000 years. - The reason why S. Subramania Iyer formed his secret "Suddha Dharma Mandala" section in agreement with Annie Besant - is said by some to be that he disliked Besnat's and CWL's ideas about J. Krishnamurti as an Avatar. - The Vedantist - Vivekananda praised S. Subramania Iyer in one of his speeches at Almora, but did not seem to have regarded Annie Besant favourably. 

See also info at David Reigle: Suddha Dharma Mandala (2007)
(With a bunch of references to early publications by Suddha Dharma Mandala)

Suddha Dharma Mandala (One of the branches)
(Has today a certain mr. Mr. Domingos Oliveira - Suddha Dharma Emissary in Canada)

Alice A. Bailey writes in her book: "The Unfinished Autobiography":
"One such group in India interested me very much. There was an organization in India called the Suddha Dharma Mandala. It had been founded by Sir Subra Maniyer. It was an occult order of apparently an advanced kind. I had come across one of the books they had put out and had [228] discovered several of the leaders of the Theosophical Society were working in the order, having outgrown the esoteric section in the T.S. I'm not a good hand at joining organizations but I wrote to the head of the order and asked permission to join but received no reply. The following year, as I had heard nothing, I wrote again and ordered some of their books, enclosing a check in payment. I received no reply and no books were sent me, though the check was cashed. After some months I sent a carbon copy of my previous letter to the head of the order but still received no reply. I gave up the attempt and decided that it was one of those peculiar, fake organizations which snare the gullible occidental.
Three years later I went down to Washington, D.C., to give a course of lectures in the New Willard Hotel. At the close of a lecture a man came up to me with a small suit case in his hand and said, "I have been ordered by the Suddha Dharma Mandala to give you these books." And there were all the books I had requested and my faith in the righteousness of the organization was restored. I heard no more for some time and then I got a letter from a member of the group saying that Sir Subra Maniyer was dead and that my book A Treatise on Cosmic Fire had been his constant companion and that on his death bed he had requested the seven senior members of his organization to join the Arcane School and put themselves under my instruction. This they did and for years this most interesting group of old Hindu students worked with us. All these men were old and have gradually died off 

until today there seem no more for me to be in touch with. They had a great reverence for H.P. Blavatsky and I found my contact with them most interesting."

- - -
I repeat Alice A. Bailey's words: 
"I had come across one of the books they had put out and had [228] discovered several of the leaders of the Theosophical Society were working in the order, having outgrown the esoteric section in the T.S."

- - -

Alice A. Bailey: Education in the New Age, 1954, p.107 
(United States and economic control from US are praised by AAB, and Grat Britain and France is viwed as role models of Governments):

"The growing recognition by those in authority that the man in the street is becoming a factor in world affairs. He is reached on all sides by the press and the radio, and is today intelligent enough and [107] interested enough to be making the attempt to form his own opinions and come to his own conclusions. This is embryonic as yet, but the indications of his effort are undoubtedly there; hence the press and radio control which is found in all countries in some form or another, for there can never be any permanent evasion of the hierarchical structure which underlies our planetary life. 

This control falls into two major categories: Financial control, as in the United States. 
Government control, as in Europe and Great Britain.

 The people are told just what is good for them; reservations and secret diplomacy color the relation of the government to the masses, and the helplessness of the man in the street (in the face of authorities in the realm of politics, conditioning decisions such as war or peace, and theological impositions, as well as economic attitudes) is still pitiful, though not so great and so drastic as it was. The soul of humanity is awakening and the present situations may be regarded as temporary."
(AAB Education in the New Age, p. 107)

- - -

Any comments?

M. Sufilight

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  Awesome, Thank you!


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  Dear friends

  My views are:

  Some readers might want to know the following...

  Alice A. Bailey's books are online in English and Italian searchable in PDF-format

  http://www.bailey. it/testi- inglese.htm

  M. Sufilight

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