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Re: Theos-World Control/resistance approach, or the non-doing of awareness?

Dec 29, 2009 10:07 AM
by Martin

( from experience ) Best I found is to let it come to me, then look at the damage it does to me, then trigger the healing hammer inside myself...then I get stronger and in the end I have overcome the shellshock experience and I could not be bothered with noise anymore: so let it come, oversee it and let it go again...if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger! "Noise" can also be seen as anoyance or anoiseonce, once and a while we need some to become stronger, they are our little pesty teachers!

From: new7892001 <>
Sent: Tue, December 29, 2009 6:54:47 PM
Subject: Theos-World Control/resistance approach, or the non-doing of awareness?


One hears much of 'reaction-free awareness', as an approach to life, as a recommended alternative to the egoic fighting-stance.

One may come to see the illusory nature of `control' of life's events in order to be happy, _while_ inquiring/seeing; but in the midst of life's challenges one wonders whether these apply at all.

To take a simple daily-life occurrence: 
The (upstairs)-neighbour makes noise. Shocks from children's trampling on carpet-less floor, use of  hammers, washing machine after the allowed times according to the rules-of-the house. One complains to administration for years, but no improvement. And it is so, that the neighbour is employed by the administration office of the building. One of the administration-workers advised `if neighbour does not show consideration, then âmove-`. 
So, the one exposed to noise 'should move', while the other can carry on. (I probably would, but cannot afford it.)

This challenge does generate âimages- of these people, and of myself being subjected to injustice.

There are times when these mental formations are seen and there is a release of the trapped energy and so peace, and other times when the `unfair! - keep on fighting'-approach is taking over, and so the `being sucked in a vortexâ of delusion' with subsequent drainage of energy, takes place. Not to mention the frustration of no-communication taking place, as shown by the brushing aside of the problem by the admin. via generalized and strategic avoidance-of-facts distorting/manipulative statements, such as "that is the way in a building with floors, it is normal to hear the neighbour".

There is a daily challenge reminded thru the fact of living there.
So it is not just a matter of the 'past'-recollection devoid of actual/present situation, is it? 

It (the noise and reaction) does not seem to be too healthy either, unless the awareness is acute enough to dissolve the absorption into the vortex or prevent it.

What I am trying to say essentially is, that there is this dilemma as to whether in such a situation, the `mainstream'-approach to fight what is `bad'/unjust, is not after all the appropriate one. 
Or is it?



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