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Election of the Vice-President & related issues - Contradictions & Question that

Dec 24, 2009 04:32 PM
by seeker_preethi

Dear All,

I received the below via email and thought I would pass it on to TheosTalk as well. Lots of things to ponder about, don't you think?


From: Brotherhood Of Theosophy []
Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2009 10:56 AM
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Subject: Election of the Vice-President & related issues - Contradictions & Question that deserve answers


Election of the Vice-President & related issues - Contradictions & Question that deserve answers

1. Preethi in

How was Linda Oliveira elected as Vice President of the TS BEFORE the General Council meeting of December 2008 could be held? In that meeting a vote was taken to ELECT her as Vice President of the TS, while actually the international President had already made that announcement in the Theosophist of December 2008, which issue of the Theosophist was printed in the Month of November 2008 -- ONE MONTH before the GENERAL COUNCIL MEETING.

2. Keith Fisher at

Dear Preethi

The result of the Vice President election could be printed in the December issue of the Theosophist because the election was completed in October 2008.

The President nominated Linda Oliveira for Vice President on 20 September 2008, the closing date for voting was 20 October, and the result was first declared on 29 October 2008. As International Secretary, I presented to the General Council meeting on 25 December 2008, a document showing how GC members had voted and the actual voting slips for confirmation of the votes cast. These were scrutinized by the GC members present and found to be correct.

3. The actual minutes of the General Council Meeting of 25 December 2008 states:

"The voting slips were scrutinized by some of the members of the General Council and Mrs. Linda Oliveira was declared elected as the Vice-President of the Society."

4. Rule 11

`Within three months of assuming office the President shall nominate the Vice President subject to confirmation by the General Council.

5. By every one's own admission, election was required to be confirmed by the General Council!

6. Question that deserves answer

If a confirmation was required in the 25 December 2008 General Council meeting, and because minutes of this meeting also states that Linda Oliveira was declared elected only on 25 December 2008 how is it fair and honest to declare on 29 October 2008 that she is the Vice-President and to make the announcement in the December month's Theosophist which was actually printed in November 2008? By such action, the General Council has been treated with contempt and it is an insult to the General Council members.

7. The violations of rules in election (?) of additional members of the General Council are also shameful and reflect the manipulations and utter cynical contempt for rules, procedures, for ordinary members and General Council members of The Theosophical Society.

All functions of Linda as vice-president and of the additional general council members elected (?) in 2008 cannot be treated legal.


Reply by Govert Schuller 18 hours ago


Dear Adyarwoman,

This issue only looks like a non-sinister technicality.

What was the exact text of the December 2008 Theosophist regarding Mrs. Oliveira's status?

Probably she should have been called "Vice President Elect" from October 29, 2008 till December 25, 2008, when she was declared "Vice President" based on the acceptance of the election results by the GC.


Reply by adyarwoman 9 hours ago


It is not 'non-sinister technically.' It is sinister. The December 2008 issue of The Theosophist printed in last week of November 2008, carries the following 2 information:
Page 85: "Mrs. Linda Oliveira was elected Vice-President with effect from 20 October 2008."

Keith Fisher at
says "the result was first declared on 29 October 2008" , (9 days later!)

The same issue of The Theosophist says on the 2nd Page in the list of Presidents, Vice-Presidents etc, "Vice-President: Mrs. Linda Oliveira".

This was a sinister attempt to prevent the existing Vice-President from attending the General Council meeting.

This also makes a mockery of the procedure of confirmation and hence an insult and contempt to the General Council members.


Reply by Govert Schuller 7 hours ago


I see. That's why I asked for the text. Thank you.


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