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Dec 21, 2009 03:02 PM
by Brad Crawford

No. Of course I do not see the building of prisons a proper theosophical activity. However, if a government, in which the society was active, was imprisoning,
murdering,or otherwise commitin evil and unjust activities, against helpless people,would we not have an obligation to attempt to counteract evil and
brutality?Of course in answering your question, I have taken a rather rhetorical position. I don't know the answer to your original post, as I am a member of
a different fraternity ,I wouldn't know the laws and by-laws of the T.S. but, as fraternally-involved aspirants to the Mysteries,it seems a certain amount of
civil-responsibility "goes with the territory",should it not? And, after all, was that not the jist of your posting? What my post said that would lead you to
counter with "should we be building prisons,etc", seems a bit of a stretch.
Throughout history,in many lands the students of occultism have played an active part in trying to help guide people and even nations. You spoke of Besant,
look at the lifes of F. Bacon and Cmt. St. Germain, Plato, Pythagoras etc.,etc. I guess I only wish those who were better fitted to lend guidance(occultists),
actually were willing and able to do  so to a greater extent.
I'll butt-out.
in L.V.X.


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