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Some thoughts on the upcoming GC Meeting

Dec 19, 2009 01:57 PM
by MKR

Some thoughts on the upcoming GC Meeting

The next GC meeting is to take place in a few days from now. Some
thoughts occurred to me and thought I should share with everyone.

The outcome of the last yearâs meeting was a display of cleavage
between two groups; not unlike what we are seeing in the USA between
the Democrats and Republicans in the current health care debate. Since
then, there is total silence from the members of the GC on matters of
interest to the TS that the GC should consider.

Whenever there are some good ideas, leaders tend to openly discuss
them and usually such good ideas produce enthusiasm and support from
the members or public and empower true leaders. If one has a cunning
and clever or Dugpaish idea or a plan, one tends to keep it very
secret. The reason is very simple. The members or public would quickly
negatively react to such ideas or plans and if the basis is power grab
or self-serving, it would be impossible to justify them in public with
a straight face. If TS is a secret organization, I will be the first
one to support privacy and secrecy of its internal administrative
matters. When it is not, no one can with a straight face justify any
power grab or self-serving moves, however much they are disguised and
attempt is made to sell them to the members and public..

So the key issue for all of us, ordinary members with no access to
inner circles, need to watch is - whether what goes on in the upcoming
GC meeting shows a clear narrowing or widening of the cleavage.

Let us all be vigilant and keep tuned for the next act. Hope it is
positive and good for theosophy and TS.


There is no Religion Higher than Truth

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