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Can Mirage of a vision help Theosophy leap into the Future?

Dec 15, 2009 06:13 AM
by MKR

Can Mirage of a vision help Theosophy leap into the Future?

All of us who are fired up with the ideal of Universal Brotherhood are
eager and passionate about wanting theosophy leap into the future. In
the recent times, there is too much talk in theosophical arena about
visions of some theosophists which are viewed by many others as a
mirage; and mirages are what they are. It is time to look back to the
wise words spoken 130 years ago:


 âThe doctrine we promulgate being the only true one, must - supported
by such evidence as we are preparing to give - become ultimately
triumphant, like every other truth. Yet it is absolutely necessary to
inculcate it gradually; enforcing its theories (unimpeachable facts
for those who know) with direct inference, deduced from and
corroborated by the evidence furnished by modern exact science. That
is why Col. H. S. Olcott, who works to revive Buddhism, may be
regarded as one who labours in the true path of Theosophy, far more
than any man who chooses as his goal the gratification of his own
ardent aspirations for occult knowledge. Buddhism, stripped of its
superstition, is eternal truth; and he who strives for the latter is
striving for eternal truth; and he who strives for the latter is
striving for Theo-Sophia, divine wisdom, which is a synonym of truth.

For our doctrines to practically react on the so-called moral code, or
the ideas of truthfulness, purity, self-denial, charity, etc., we have
to preach and popularize a knowledge of Theosophy. It is not the
individual and determined purpose of attaining Nirvana - the
culmination of all knowledge and absolute wisdom, which is after all
only an exalted and glorious selfishness - but the self-sacrificing
pursuit of the best means to lead on the right path our neighbour, to
cause to benefit by it as many of our fellow-creatures as we possibly
can, which constitutes the true Theosophist.â

âThe true religion and philosophy offer the solution of every problem.
That the world is in such a bad condition, morally, is a conclusive
evidence that none of its religions and philosophies, those of the
civilized races less than any other, has ever possessed the truth. The
right and logical explanations on the subject of the problems of the
great dual principles, right and wrong, good and evil, liberty and
despotism, pain and pleasure, egotism and altruism, are as impossible
to them now as they were 1880 years ago. They are as far from the
solution as they were; but to these problems there must be somewhere a
consistent solution, and if our doctrines will show their competence
to offer it, then the world will be the first to confess that there
must be the true philosophy, the true religion, the true light, which
gives truth and nothing but the truth.â


Has not changed in million years according to many wise people. Thus
human weakness is present and in action whether it is  NY, London,
Peking, Rio, Adyar or Wheaton. Still the fundamental fact is that good
side of human nature respond to personal interaction. Politicians know
it very well. That is why even with modern leading edge communication
technology such as telephone, fax, video etc. they travel in person
and meet with the public and try to communicate their messages and
influence the public. This works and no one can dispute it. Technology
cannot be a substitute for human interaction.


Technology is simply another tool much like all tools we use. They
allow certain functions to be done efficiently and effectively. They
are not an end in themselves and have their limitations. So no one
should be looking to technology to fix problems arising from basic
human nature. So long as we are aware of this, we will not be deluded
into applying wrong tool in the wrong place and time and wrong


Some feel that too long we have been talking the talk within our
circle of theosophists. While this is necessary to some extent and
gives us a cozy feeling, unless we go out and touch the public, we
cannot broadcast the key object of theosophy. In the early days of TS,
the monetary situation was tight all around. Both HPB and HSO, while
not having a fat wallet or inheritance, were involved in practical
human endeavors affecting the suffering public. That was why HSO
started the school at Adyar for the poor children. HPB also initiated
a Sanskrit school. She also spoke against child marriage in India,
even though it was then an accepted norm in the entire society and few
dared to speak up on this issue. This was followed by the well known
activism of Besant, of course in her personal capacity, in political
and social issues in India. Even Jiddu Krishnamurti encouraged the
formation of schools all around the world. All this shows that each
one of us should stop trying to talk the public into meditation and
other occult practices, instead get involved in local activities which
affect people in our neighborhoods. This will yield results and
present theosophy in the right light to the public.


Today, many lodges and sections around the world own valuable property
and have fat bank balances. This combination, while can be helpful,
may have contributed to problems as shown by the lack of public appeal
of theosophical doctrines as reflected in the poor membership growth,
especially in the West. The mix of philosophy with money and property
and unconscious selfishness seem to be combustible and can bring the
worst in otherwise good  individuals who may be fortunate to occupy
leadership positions. And when such worst comes out, it does a lot of
damage to the growth of the TS and spread of theosophy. So it looks
like this aspect needs careful thought and examination or even mass


Theosophy need to reach masses and it is not just for the scholars and
academicians and the elite. The presentation has to be simple and
uncomplicated and has to be at 7th grade level. The moment the
presentation becomes complex or complicated or one has to reach for a
dictionary to decipher a new word, it is a red flag that we are far
from simple presentation which everyone can understand. .


Past can guide us to the future. Very simple ideals have altered the
course of societies. Take for example, two of them:

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

They were understood by everyone and masses responded to them and that
brought fundamental changes in the societies.

In the early literature, you will not see much discussion on
Meditation. Since the object of TS is not to start a school of
meditation, it was not discussed. There seems to be too much talk
these days, especially in the West, about Meditation when presenting
theosophy. This is being sold as a commodity by many as a panacea for
many human problems, health or mental or psychic well being. So most
who are sold on this, pursue it for purely selfish objectives. So
those who are attracted to theosophy through this, soon lose interest
in the main object of theosophy - Brotherhood. It is reflected in the
poor growth of membership in the West. We need to look for ways to
present theosophy to those simple folks who are likely to be fired up
by the principle of Universal Brotherhood.


The real work is the responsibility of each one of us and not only
those who may have been placed in leadership positions by their good
Karma. Actions always speak louder than words. Action is what people
observe and respond to. Unselfish altruistic involvement in any local
activity which helps our fellow beings is the only way to go. One on
one contact cannot be replaced by any other tool or technique. It is
the individual creativity that can spur the spread of theosophy. That
was why the Inner Founders provided the TS with the most unique
totally autonomous setup. No one can dictate how we understand
theosophy and how we apply it in day to day matters. Let us make best
use of it and do what we all can.


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