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Re: So does anyone else have an opinion about the Zuckerbrot documentary?

Dec 10, 2009 02:49 PM
by Daniel

I must say that I find the documentary quite interesting and not too bad of an introduction to HPB.

I certainly disagree with some of the statements made but overall the documentary provides alot of food for thought.

I do wish that a little more time could have been spent outlining some of her major teachings.  Also some of the photographs and film footage were less than what I would have chosen.

And believe it or not (lol), I thought Paul Johnson made some insightful statements.  I especially liked what he said about "global Theosophy".

I see of late that Paul has been called a "liar" here at Theos-Talk.  This assessement I assume being based on what he said in the documentary.  

Why a liar?  One may see things differently than Paul but does that make him therefore a liar?  He has definite opinions and one may not always agree with those opinions.  In fact, I believe some of his assessments (as presented in his books) are definitely wrong but that doesn't mean that he is a liar.  I find him to be in my estimate a sincere person and I think he does have a abiding and serious interest in Theosophy.

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--- In, "kpauljohnson" <kpauljohnson@...> wrote:
> I liked how the documentary turned out, and am not surprised that Morten did not.  But would like to know if anyone else has any opinion to share, or if his outpouring of righteous indignation and personal hatred will be the one and only opinion expressed in this forum.  The kind of overt aggression we see here can silence others who are intimidated and don't wish to become themselves targets of fanatical hostility.  I particularly protest the use of the word "crucifixion" to apply to the documentary's treatment of HPB, which is violent rhetoric that both expresses and encourages sectarian hatred of all involved in it.

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