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New Trend in answering to the Public

Dec 06, 2009 06:21 AM
by MKR

By now anyone who has been watching TV, reading newspapers, browsing
Internet could not have missed the Tigerâs story which started with
his SUV crashing into the fire hydrant and the tree near his house at
2.00 am. No one except Tiger was injured in the accident.

One aspect to be noticed is that the only feedback the public has got
from him is a statement on Tigerâs website. This technique is not new
especially to those in theosophical circles. It permits one-way
statement and avoids facing the newsmen and others on a personal
interactive question and answer session where more details may have to
be disclosed and would not look pretty on the individuals concerned.
Theosophists have improved on the technique either by using assumed
names to hide identity or use others to do it, trying to keep their
public images clean.

Does such techniques work? They do not. Because it only keeps the
issues alive and speculations continue and information start trickling
out and continue to the hurt the public perception of individuals
concerned even though they may not realize it.

In the days of old, people faced issues directly and answered them.
Now we are in Kali Yuga and the rules have changed, and changed

Let us keep tuned.  We have Internet to keep us informed and it is a
medium  no one is able to control with money or power.


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